A Daughter of Light (A Light onto the World)

Being a teenager life has its problems, especially when you find yourself uprooted from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to a small rural community in Texas as did Marimar Utt. When you add to this the fact that you just moved into the town’s haunted house and now share your new home with “Casper from Hell”, then life is no freaking picnic. Marimar’s only hope for happiness and grasp on her sanity lies with Sage: a tall, handsome southern boy with a troubled life. Sage is captivated by Marimar’s petite beauty and fiery disposition and drawn to the mystery surrounding her house’s past. Unfortunately, his fascination with her house turns deadly when he manages to anger the spirit who in turn lashes out against Marimar. Together Sage and Marimar will have to uncover the spirit’s dark secret and find a way to rid her house of the evil entity before it is too late.


1. A Daughter of Light (A Light onto the World Novel)

A Daughter of Light

(A Light onto the World Novel)

Price Girls



Published by Price Girls at Smashwords

Text Copyright © 2013 Price Girls

All Rights Reserved



This Book is for Adonai (God) who we love with our mind, body, and soul; his loving son Jesus, and all of his Angels for blessing us and enabling us to write this book.

For our amazing parents Sonny and Any; who always told us to be a light onto the world.

To our Tia Memí and Uncle Paul for supporting us.

In loving memory of Oscar (Tito) Abel Lemus and dedicated to Tita whose eyes we could do no wrong.

In loving memory of Mr. V and Elise who have inspired us to trust our instincts.

To Grandpa, Grandma, and to all of our loving family members.



Thessalonians 5:5

You are all children of the light and children of the day.





“No, no,” I whimper as I am dragged down the steps.  I’m immersed in the darkness.  My body slams hard against each step.  When I reach the last step I’m flung aside into the middle of the room like a rag doll.  I hear him come towards me.  He saunters in a circle around me.  Fear envelops my whole being.  Compared to this the whole suffocating thing doesn’t seem so anguishing.  I can hear my family promising me that they’ll get me out.  I have no doubt of that, but will that be before or after I’m dead.








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