A collection of predestined poems that were meant to be collecting themselves just beneath the surface.


7. Day Before First Day of School

It was back a decade ago

When my world seemed to be beams of ever-lasting sunlight

That you woke me up just by the scent of melting chocolate

And I tiptoed down the wobbly stairs,

Begging for another ice cream before dinner

But you picked me up with that hidden smile telling me,

“Of course, my dear, but oh! we will have to ration these,”

So out into your backyard we ran

As my heart galloped with sparkles

And I could seize soap bubbles in the air,

While you turned and went

I felt the taste of strawberries on my tongue,

And it felt like pillows being light and that excited,

All because of that next day awaiting

And knowing how it was going to be just the beginning of a new chapter

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