Ring Around The Rosie

Ashes... Ashes... We all fall down.


1. We

Every Halloween the ghost of Carabela haunts the Nada Volverá Woods. She seeks revenge on Muerte for killing her. One person dies every Halloween, and their last name is always Morto.


"Non andare nei boschi per il fantasma vi ucciderà." I hear the tour woman tell us,

"Mother, what does that mean?" I ask, my mom speaks Italian.

"Don't go in the woods, the ghost will kill you." My mother responds,

"Ghosts are not real." My brother says as he looks up from his phone.

"Have you seen one?" I respond.

"No, that means they are not real." My brother responds,

"They may or may not be real end of discussion." My little sister says to stop our arguing.

"Thank your Carmela." My mother says to my sister.


I can hear my cousins and my sister in the room next to me, then everything goes dead silent. Something fell, something big.

I open my door and tip toe over to the room, as I open the door I see a box labeled with ducktape with the words WIGI BOARD written on it.

"Don't you dare." I say staring at the box,

"But sis!" My sister shouts back,

"Don't you dare do it without me." I respond,

"Okay but we will not tell anyone what happens." My cousin Demilla says to all of us.

"I promise." We all say in unison.


We all put one hand on the Ouji board's slab of wood.

"If there is a presence tell us." Carmela shudders,

The board says yes.

"Are you good or bad?" I ask,

The board says good.

"What do you want?" Demilla asks,

The board says the Morto family dead.

"We all are part of that family." Hope mumbles under her breath,

The board says prepare to be dead.

The lights on the chandler go out. Silence fills the room. A face flashes on the mirror with the images you are next written on them.

Hope yanks her hand off of the wooden slab,

"Hope no!" Demilla shouts. Mortified looks fill the room.

The board says goodbye.

We all move away from Hope, Hopes blonde hair is pulled up, her bright blue eyes filled with fear, her pale lips quivering. Her body lay on the floor, a note next to it saying Happy Halloween.

Everybody is silent every 10, no wait 9 of us. Francisca leans against the wall with tears falling from her eyes, she was Hope's twin sister.

"Everything is gonna be alright." Demilla shudders, "EvERy LItTle ThiNG."

I grab Carmella right now she's the only thing I have hope in. I whisper in her ear, "It's gonna be okay lets just take a minute to calm down, this never happened." the only thing is.... It wasn't her.

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