Wishing you were here

Lara can't handle the stress anymore, her parents, being bullied, her friends are fighting and boys.

She has done every option to clear her mind, but one she hasn't she is refusing but she can't cope not with Leondre Devries from bars and melody loving her. Then Damon and elena adopting me....

Lastly besides that Im Hybrid!


1. My Parents and Friends!

Lara's P.O.V

*knock knock*

"huh?" Gets up to the door and says "WHO IS IT?!" with a loud tired tone "ME , C'mon we got to get to school!".

it was just my bestfriend, Bethany. She never lets me down and never lies so I can always rely on her. "Hello?!" Bethany shouted, "Okay Okay!" I jumped up and looked at my Leondre Devries poster and realised "Today im going to the Bars and melody concert!!!!!!!!! I couldn't help but jump around then my mom interrupted my happiness. "STOP THE RACKET LARA!" She shouted "Kay mom!" I replied. I walked towards my wardrobe and opened it up, I didn't want to be too fancy so a pair of shorts, Crop top, white converse and a choker. "Were going to be late for school if you don't hurry up!" I waked out of the door and walked on. I smiled and said "aren't you coming?". She giggled and walked up behind me. "Do you think I have a chance with Leondre?" I asked. "Don't be so unrealistic its really unlikely but maybe now c'mon quick!"

Bethaney's P.O.V

She was being very lasy the morning but then she just pranced up? I thought to myself, I realised Lara was way ahead "Hey, Wait up!" she turned to look to me "yeah?" she said. I replied "What's up with you today?" She said don't you remember?". I was confused so I asked "Remember what?". "Were going to the bars and melody concert with Paige , Sophie and Jessica!!". I had totally forgotten! "OMG I forgot!!!". We were at the bus stop the bus came and we started gossiping about bars and melody then we got to school.


1st Period: English

Katie's P.O.V

There she comes "Lara" just hate the name shes so ugly. "Hey girls lets go and accidently bump into her with our food haha" I walked up to her and spilt it all over her haha she deserved it for being so ugly "oops sorry but atleast now your shirt matches your face!" "Toddles!" I said and she ran off crying!


~Writers note~

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter not to long but not short either, in the morning I will write first thing in the morning got to go bye guys!



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