Wishing you were here

Lara can't handle the stress anymore, her parents, being bullied, her friends are fighting and boys.

She has done every option to clear her mind, but one she hasn't she is refusing but she can't cope not with Leondre Devries from bars and melody loving her. Then Damon and elena adopting me....

Lastly besides that Im Hybrid!


7. Little notes

Paige's P.O.V

My god she hasnt a clue what can happen to me for being around her....

My best friend, a hybrid...

i was cut off by my doorbell ringing.

i went to the door and opened it, I gasped in fear as i was pushed back into the wall behind me "what do you know!" holly shouted!. "Nothing!!" i screamed back trying to push her but she was too strong. "what do you want?!" i asked. "its simple you know something i dont so what do you know?!"  she replied. "okay fine, if you bite me then you will permanently kill me." i said as she gasped.


Holly's P.O.V

i can kill her in one bite?! "Who else is a vampire!" I asked. "no one.." i knew she was lying, "Tell me now!" i think she was never gonna tell me then she did. " okay, okay il admit i know of two other vampires, there called stefan and damon." 


"whats there number?!" i shouted! 

she told me there number and she kicked me out but now i have there number!!!


 I texted stefan...

Hi can we meet up somewhere? i know im some random stranger but we need to talk....

I was at a cafe now waiting for him to reply and finally he replied

Yea okay where?

i simply replied...

The Gazza Cafe?

so i ordered a tea waiting and he texted back...

sure be there in ten.

Stefan's P.O.V

I put on my jacket as i jumped into my car i quickly texted elena..

Im going out now tell damon not to get into any trouble for me.

i started going to the cafe, i was alittle worried incase it was silas or something  but i went anyways

I texted the person..

Im here what table r u at?

she texted back..


i wondered if she was sure because there was a 13 yr old girl there..

u sure?

she texted back almost instantly


okaaayyy i walked over to the table to the girl she said "stefan?" i said to her "yes" she seemed weird she dragged me into the hall towards the bathrooms she whispered "are you a vampire!" i put her neck up to the wall "how do you know what i am!" i shouted!

"shh im one too so calm down!" as she showed her fangs." you dont smell like one?" i asked "thats because im a hybrid." i was alittle worried but i asked "then what do you want?" She quickly said " i cant tell you here where can we go where its human free?"


Writes note

it just changed to the vampire diaries too lol

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