Wishing you were here

Lara can't handle the stress anymore, her parents, being bullied, her friends are fighting and boys.

She has done every option to clear her mind, but one she hasn't she is refusing but she can't cope not with Leondre Devries from bars and melody loving her. Then Damon and elena adopting me....

Lastly besides that Im Hybrid!


4. Im A Vampire!!!

Lara's P.O.V

Omg im dating leondre!!!!!!

*you got a text message woohoo* ringtone

It was from Leo <3

Hey wanna come to my place at 2 for a movie?


Omg I cant bileve it he invited me to his house, what should I wear!

I texted back

Sure where do you live?


Leondre's P.O.V

yes she said yes,I have to clean up!!


I heard him running down stairs and there he was.

"my girlfriend is coming over can you help clean up a little?" I said

he replied "who's your girlfriend? oh and okay!". "just I girl I met." I said blushing

I texted her back

34 fillius road


okay lets clean!


-2 hours later



Lara's P.O.V

His house was huge I mean seriously!!!

I rang the doorbell, Charlie opened the door.

"Hi" with a smile across my face

he replied "hey you must be Lara"

"that's me!" he invited me in and I walked into the lounge where leo was sitting he said c'mon to my room."Dont have too much fun!" Charlie shouted. me and leo looked at eachother and laughed and we continued running upstairs!

Leondre's P.O.V

I could tell she wasn't used to such a big room and such a big house, I said "are you okay?" she looked really uncomfortable. she replied "yea." I said "wanna watch a movie." . She told me "sure what movie?", I thought for a moment then questioned her "Paranormal activity?" she seemed scared but she said sure. we started watching and she was scared, she leaned her head on my chest and I loved it I smirked and continued watching stroking her hair, I was so soft. when the movie was over she turned and looked at me and I said "are you okay?" she seemed to be lieing when she said yes.

Lara's P.O.V

I was lieing, I felt strange and for some reason I wanted to bite him, he leaned towards me I think he was about to kiss me then I pulled away, he asked "whats wrong?" I tought it was just so perfect that it couldent be possible. but I told him nothing and he leaned in again and kissed me and he slipped off my skirt and my shirt as I slipped off his and then I bit him by accident but he didn't notice so we kept going. I realised what I was doing and I put my clothes back on and I ran so fast I didn't even realize I was at home already.

I was on my phone flicking through facebook and I got redirected again and the website about the hybrids popped up and I was a little curious so I read it



Hybrids are a cross between a vampire and a werewolf.


Transforming to a wolf

the urge to bite people


leg cramps

back cramps

If you need help contact


Am I a Hybrid?!


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