Wishing you were here

Lara can't handle the stress anymore, her parents, being bullied, her friends are fighting and boys.

She has done every option to clear her mind, but one she hasn't she is refusing but she can't cope not with Leondre Devries from bars and melody loving her. Then Damon and elena adopting me....

Lastly besides that Im Hybrid!


5. Baby Steps


Lara's P.O.V


I didn't get to sleep, at all but I didn't feel tired? I was confused but anyways I have another date with Leo and I cant wait he's taking me to the beach today at sunset we are going to walk along side of the water. "Hello?!" interrupted my thoughts, it was Bethany she was asking if she could come with us with her boyfriend,Jordan. I set them up at a party at the time I was pretty stupid as I still had feelings for Jordan at the time but honestly I didn't mind them together and now me and Jordan are bestfriends too, I tell him everything but we get into fights a little too often. Im not gonna lie sometimes I still cry myself to sleep because I lost him but if hes happy im happy :D "Can we?" Bethany said. "I don't know let me text Leo." I replied. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and found his name and typed...


Hey my friend wants to know if she can come with her boyfriend, is it cool with you?

Lara <3


Its been around a half an hour since I text him is he alright?


Leondre's P.O.V

"Whats happening to me!!!!!" I screamed, I didn't know what was going on I could run at unbilevable speeds I would run for 5 minutes and I was at the other side of town. I was growing fangs, I got a text from Lara and whaatttt is happening.

I could see Lara? with another girl? they were talking, lara seemed worried she kept checking her phone and then I heard her say " Do you think Leo is alright?" oh no shes worried about me because I didn't reply to her message.


Then it was normal again I seen my own room?! anyways  I quickly went  to my phone and text lara and said

Sorry I didn't reply somethings weird happening to me I can run fast? like really fast and im having.. visions I could see you with a girl and you said "Do you think leo is alright?" I have fangs. do you know whats happening to me?! I don't!!!


Lara's P.O.V

What the? That's been happening to me. I BIT HIM, omg he must of became a hybrid but he got visions I didn't get anything, yet?

I was gonna tell you today I realised im a hybrid, a cross between a vampire and werewolf and I accidently bit you last night, sorry, do you still love me???

I couldent  bileve it he text back saying yes <3

I was so happy and he also said we had to meet up now I got Bethany on my back and I said hold your breath and I used my superspeed and we got there in like 2 seconds bethaney dropped to the ground breathless, "you didn't hold your breath did you?!" she looked up as if to say no and I giggled. rapped the door with Bethany breathlessly behind me. Charlie answered the door, a lot of racket was coming from leos bedroom I said could I see leo he said go on up. so I walked up with Bethany behind me we walked in and Leo was a wolf, Bethany was scared a lot. I sia dit was all right and I went on all fours and I was wolf too I could speak wolf so me and leo were just talking in wolf and Bethany had no clue what we were doing I told leo to keep telling himself and he will transform and he just said okay back so I transformed back and he did too and Bethany was scared and I said its okay, Bethany tried to run but then she fell and she was bleeding Leo almost got her but I stopped him, I looked away and placed my hand on her cut I don't know why but I felt I should and then I lifted my hand and the cut was gone?? I could heal people??? This is random. I told Bethany to not tell anyone as I knew she wouldent and she was scared and she ran home I told leo to get on my back because I would be faster as I have been able to do it longer. I ran for around ten minutes to out of town to empty fields.


Leondre's P.O.V

We were in a field doing stuff to help with this we kept transforming so we could control it more easy and I had to keep cutting myself so Lara could heal it and we played hide and seek and I would use my visions to find her and it was pretty fun and then we just hang about in the fields. I look at her beautiful eyes they wernt blue anymore they had a hint of green in the middle.

They were beautiful and then I suddenly had a vision but it was right now it was the past I could tell by the surrondings, it was a girl , I think It was lara but she was in a bathroom crying then she cut herself?? then I was back to normal


I lifted up the skirt she was wearing and seen the cuts she quickly healed it and I said " I Had a vision it was you, cutting yourself." I felt a tear running down my face but I quickly wiped it away. 

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