Alternate Ending

Annabeth Chase wants to go back to Athens, will she make the right decision?


1. Who am I?

We defeated Gaea's army. I am contemplating whether or not this victory was worth the risk. I’m sitting on a large rough rock placed firmly on the ground near the shore. The surface feels terribly uncomfortable under my jeans, but I don't care, I have more important things on my mind. That’s why I like to come to this place, so I can think. No one comes here because it’s dangerous; if you so much as lose your footing while walking down the cliff you would probably end up dead, so it’s off limits. Nobody here- I have it all to myself, no one coming to tell me to do something or bothering me.  No. Just the teasing waves hitting against the rocks and ever so slightly spraying me with water. The salt leaving a tingly feeling in my mouth. The wind is blowing sharply on me and I find it hard to keep my hair in place without it moving itself again. That kind or represents my life one minute everything’s fine next I’m on quests in a different world. A continuous cycle that never stops. Do I care anymore? Such a simple question that zaps through my mind around and around.  When I told Piper that I wanted to walk alone, she gave me the ‘I’ll be there if you need me’ look, and assumed that I was grieving over Percy. True his death was shocking and so abrupt, that was definitely part of the reason, but not the whole story.

The real reason I’m here is because I need to go back to Athens. I am going back there, no matter what they tell me. I know Athens is not a safe place but I’m still going. If it’s the only way I get to see my mum again then so be it. Even if I have to see her through a nightmare. They can warn me till their mouths crack but they can never stop me. I get up slowly and shakily walk back; once you know a place like the back of your hand it no longer becomes dangerous. The climb feels steeper and my legs feel like jelly; nevertheless I am determined to make it back up. I walk and walk till I feel my legs shiver. There is a sudden change in the air as I begin to approach the house; it is more vigorous and restraining. I can hear a soft humming sound that sounds like my mum’s singing drawing me in closer and closer. The sound is like sickly sweet honey and a touch of summer, so overpowering and addictive. I fling open the door and fall to my knees.  I gaze around at the building, the same rundown place it’s always been.  My breathing becomes rapid as the seconds increase, and I can feel my heart beat ten times faster than before.  There is another ear bleeding gust of wind. It’s too strong so I have to cover my ears, which makes me dizzy. I feel nauseous and blackout just as quick as I’d entered. 

I stand up and gasp but where am I?

I’m panting heavily holding on to my knees. My shoes have been left behind, and I can feel the damp moist leaves crunching at my feet. I get up abruptly and continue on. My sticky, smelly hair sticks to the back of my neck. It curls around and little clusters escape onto my face. I’m covered in sweat. My flannel shirt is ripped and the random buttons left are falling off, hanging by a single string each as if they could drop any second. My head pounds and I start to get a headache, I’ve never run so much and I can’t believe that I am doing it, but it was one way or another.  The jeans I have on cling tightly to me and the fabric feels uncomfortable. The denim is tough and rubs irritatingly as I get faster. I flinch when I hear the distant sound of rusty autumn leave. I turn one way and then another looking for something that might pounce out at me. I freeze, like a statue and slow my breathing till it almost gets to a halt. The noise gets closer and blood gushes through my bloody, I let out a blood curling yelp only to find out that a small snake is slithering near me. That was close; I look down at it, colour finally flooding to my face. I remember the rhyme my friend used to always say: “red and yellow, kill a fellow; red to black, venom lack”. I let out a shaky breath and slump down against a large oak tree. Suddenly I feel something making its way up my back, it’s probably a bug so it doesn’t matter, it continues moving up to my neck, and I can now see something curling around my neck. From the corner of my eye I can see a smudge of orange and black twisting and tightening. My breath is forced to a wheeze, I’m chocking...  No this is not real, it is just a nightmare. I am awake but dreaming, and i have a feeling the worse has not come yet.

Another jolt and I’m somewhere else.

I am in a room, it’s simple but luxurious. There are high ceilings and the regular columns and a bouquet of purple orchids in a dusty gold finished vase. I shift uncomfortably in my bed only to find that I’ve been sleeping on a bow and arrow. Mine, it’s mine from camp. I quiver remembering Percy and everyone else. There is a knock at the door and in comes my mum. She has aged a little since I last saw her, but I can still recognise her distinctive warm inviting chocolate brown eyes and her thick golden hair that fall perfectly around her shoulders. 

"And she wakes; thank goodness I thought we'd have to use the other maid for the rest of the week”.

She said in a voice that was not my mothers.
" mum?" I muttered
" Adriana get some sleep I’m not your mum dear you must be mistaken."
"Annabeth bring Adriana a glass of water" 
A small girl entered that looked nothing like me she had thick red hair that barely reaches her shoulders whilst mine was brown and mousy.

A horrible realisation began to form, my mum didn’t remember me- no, she didn’t know me. She called me Adriana. My heart quickened instantly, my eyes widened...

“Adriana are you okay love?” My “mum” walked towards me, outstretched a hand. I sat up, moved swiftly back avoiding her touch.

“No, no, mum the joke is over, stop calling me Adriana! What’s wrong with you! What is going on?!”
My eyes flashed open, I had been dreaming. I woke on the cold marble floor, clean and glassy. I saw the patch of hot breath that had condensed on the floor from my panting. My hair hung over my face, my eyes were still wide open with shock. My chest rising and falling with every deep breath.

I felt the dread and fear drain away, but something remained- a faint suspicion prodding at my mind. No it was just a dream, leave it, it means nothing, I am Annabeth Chase, surely? 

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