Among the Stars

Shh... Just read it.


2. Two

Friday 10th

I made a new friend today. Her name is Alyss. She told me she lives under, which is rather confusing, but I think she meant the basement. She found it hard to talk because she’d cut her mouth. I wanted to get Mama to help her, but Alyss said no. She told me Mama mustn’t know about her, or Mama would get angry and leave like Daddy. I don’t want Mama to leave, so I gave Alyss one of the plasters Mama uses when I cut myself. This one had cats on it. Alyss seemed to like it a lot.

I had to go and have dinner then, and I saved some bread for Alyss, but when I tried to find her she was gone. She probably went home to her Mama.




Saturday 11th

I saw Alyss again today. She still had the cat plaster on, and she said her mouth was much better. It was still bleeding though. I asked her whether she’d gone home to her Mama yesterday, but she said she didn’t have a Mama. After that she went very quiet and wouldn’t say anything.

Mama keeps shouting and crying. She smells bad too. She keeps waving a half empty bottle around, and tripping over things. I’m sitting under the stairs so she doesn’t find me. I don’t like her when she’s like this. She’s scary.

I wish Daddy will come home soon. We could have a tea party with Alyss. Just the three of us.




Tuesday 14th

Mama went out so I played with Alyss all day. It was fun. Alyss is very good at hide and seek. I asked how she always found me so quickly, and she said she could hear my breathing, so the next time I hid I tried to hold my breath, but I felt sick and stopped. Alyss told me I shouldn’t have given up so easily, and that she doesn’t have to breathe. It better that way, apparently. Then the bad things can’t get you.

We went down to the basement. It was dark and I got scared, but Alyss told me to be brave like my Daddy, and that he used to come down here at night, and talk to her and her friends. I asked if I could meet her friends. She smiled and told me soon. She pointed at the wall, and told me she lived on the other side. She walked into it, and told me to come and see, but I couldn’t. Alyss got angry then, and sad, so I went back upstairs and waited for Mama to come home.

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