Save Me (Luke Hemmings Love Story)

Nevaeh is just you're average teen girl. Brown hair blue eyes, but she's different. She's bullied.

Luke is your typical jock. quarterback of the varsity football team. Blonde hair blue eyes. But Luke loves to bully Nevaeh, as time goes by he start noticing how beautiful she is and he secretly starts developing feelings for her.

Will he break the silence and let her know how he feels about her? Will he keep it to himself? Will she feel the same about him? Will they fall in love?

Find out in "Save Me" and read Nevaeh & Luke's Journey.


3. Will you help me?

Hello Beautifuls ❤️ok so I got really good feedback on the first chapter! Thank you so much. I love you guys already. You all definitely have special place in my heart.

Alright done with the cheesy stuff. Haha but my phone broke so that's why I didn't update but I got a new one so I'm good. Ok I need to shut up now. Okay bye loves ❤️

"Hey. I'm sorry bout what happened in school today. Today was the first day I actually go to see you more personally and not from a distance.. But you're beautiful and I'm sorry." I look at my screen again and reread the text over again "Who is this?" I ask to myself

I go to sleep pretty late that night thinking about that damn text over and over again, I'm just so determined to find out who set me that text. Maybe it was Derrick or maybe Luke, oh who am I kidding Derrick is like my brother and Luke he would never go for a girl like me he's dating the head cheerleader Brooke. Ugh screw this I'm going to bed.

I groan as I hear my alarm clock go off. Please just let me sleep. That's all I ask for. I get up and do the usual pee. Yes I pee just like everyone else. Brush my teeth and shower. I hope out of the shower and go back into my room picking my outfit out. I settle for on ripped black skinny jeans i pair them with a beige creamed colored tank top and a red burgundy cardigan. I top my outfit off with my black combat boot. I dry my hair and curl it. I finish it off with my usual light make up I put some chap stick on and I'm ready to go to hell aka school.

I don't think I've properly introduced myself, I'm Nevaeh I'm 17 years old I'm from Sydney, Australia. I go to MaKenen High School. As you can tell from yesterday's events I'm not very liked. Or pretty for that matter. My best friend is a guy his name is Derrick I love that kid to death he's like my brother. He's not 100% gay but he's 50/50, so uhh yea my best friend is bi and I love him to pieces. But over all of that my only best friend is a bisexual who I love to pieces & is my brother in some sort. Well anyway like I said my name is Nevaeh I'm 17 and well yea.

Ok now that I'm done with my lame introduction about me and my best friend, I run down stairs seeing that I have no time to eat because I was start gazing so I run past my mum into the living room and get my stuff I run out or the door "BYE MUM I LOVE YOU!" I yell as I run half way to school. I start slowing down when I see Derrick walking into school, "why is he so late?" I ask myself I look at my phone and read the time 7:10.. I glare at my phone and text Kyle "you're so dead when I see you." I woke up 20 mins earlier. All I wanted was sleep but no. Ugh Kyle you butthole.

I walk into school and to my locker, I have to find out who that text came from. I'm just dying to know who sent that damn text. I see Derrick sitting by our lockers eating an apple and a book in his other hand I open my locker getting my books and putting my books that I don't need in.

"Hey boo child" I sit by Derrick laying my head on his shoulder letting a sigh out trying to hide it as best as I can. "You know you're terrible at hiding things you don't wanna tell me. So spill. NOW!" I squint my eyes and look at Derrick. I hate when he does this. "No I'm not telling you anything." "Nevaeh." He gives me a stern look. "No." I look away knowing he'll keep looking at me. Next thing I know I'm being lifted onto his shoulder and he walks out into the parking lot across the street and into his house and to his too he tosses me over the bed. "Nevaeh tell me NOW!" He gives me another stern look. I let out a sigh letting him know that I'm hesitant. " umm well..." I don't want to tell him "we have tacos for lunch" he glares at me "don't make me do it Nevaeh" he says sitting on the floor across from me. " I hate you" I say to him squinting my eyes " no you don't just tell me please" I sigh again " ok igotatextfromsomeonebutidontknowwhoitis" I say all in one breath. "What?" He has a confused look on his face. " I said " Igotatextfromso-" he cuts me off " stop. Take a breath. Talk. Slowly." I do as he says " I got a text from someone but I fink know who it is. I mean they said something. Here read it." I gave him my phone. He reads it and his eyes go wide. "WHAT!!" He says looking at me "yea I know." I say letting out a breath "Do you wanna know who it is or are you just going to leave it?" He asked me sitting closer to me. "Will you help me find out?" I ask him.

Hi loves sorry I didn't post for like 2 days so so sorry but I'll try my best to post as much as I can. I promise anyway how are you guys? Tell me how you're doing. I hope you guys liked this chapter. I love leaving you guys in cliff hangers. Ok well nor you have to wait till I post the next chapter. Bye loves. I love you guys 😘

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