Save Me (Luke Hemmings Love Story)

Nevaeh is just you're average teen girl. Brown hair blue eyes, but she's different. She's bullied.

Luke is your typical jock. quarterback of the varsity football team. Blonde hair blue eyes. But Luke loves to bully Nevaeh, as time goes by he start noticing how beautiful she is and he secretly starts developing feelings for her.

Will he break the silence and let her know how he feels about her? Will he keep it to himself? Will she feel the same about him? Will they fall in love?

Find out in "Save Me" and read Nevaeh & Luke's Journey.


4. The date

Hi Beautifuls 😘 I'm sorry I haven't updated daily. I'm trying to update as much as I can dive I didn't update for like 2 or 3 days I think. I'm so sorry about that. Ok well here's chapter 3 ^.^ I hope you guys like it. Maybe I'll leave you guys in a cliff hanger. I'm not sure yet. Haha I love you guys ^.* ok well enjoy my loves


"Are you going to did out who it is or are you just going to leave it?" He asked me sitting closer to me. " Will you help me find out?" I ask him

I give him a pleading look. "Please Derrick. Please" he opens his mouth but nothing comes out. "De-" he cuts me off "You know I love you. You're like my little sister. I don't want to see you getting hurt in the end. What if it's just a plain out douchbag and he breaks your heart, then what?"

I fiddle with my fingers looking down and them. I pry my mouth open but nothing comes just a single sigh. "Look baby girl. I can't handle seeing you hurt. Please. You know how bad it gets." He saw giving me a sympathetic look. " yea I know but I just want you to help me find out who it is. It's not like umma marry the guy or something I just want to know who it is, is that such a bad thing.. To be curious?" I say to him. "No. Ugh Vaeh.. I just" he pauses letting out a sigh "fine I'll help y-"

" I jump up from the bed and into him squealing "I love you I love you! Thank youu your the best!" He pushes me off a little. " if we find this asshole and he ends up hurting you in anyway. Nevaeh I swear I will chop off his balls and feed them to him!" I make a disgusted face. " Well aren't you brutal?" I say to him "Yup. But we have to leave now we have 25 minutes before school starts."

I get up and rush out of his front door leaving him behind. I laugh as he chases a after me yelling out my name. I keeps running until I'm sitting on the floor I quickly get up

" I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I wa-" I get cut off " it's ok I wasn't looking either." I just look at him. His eyes are just so beautiful. Why haven't I noticed him before. "Are you ok" I snap out of my thoughts looking at him. " I- I yea.. I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking." I can feel the heat coming on my cheeks. Great. My face is probably a crimson red rite now. I hear a laugh " it's ok beautiful. You look adorable while blushing just thought id let you know." I feel the heat even more now I probably look like a tomato. "Vaeh!" I turn around seeing Derrick running towards me with a face of worry and fear. What's wrong with him. "Vaeh! Get away from him!" I turn to look back at him. He looks a me with a questioning look " your name is Vaeh? I thought it was Ne-" he's cut off "get away from her!" I hear Derrick say behind me. " Why should I we aren't doing anything wrong. Just talking." He says." " I don't care get away from her" Derrick says. He just look at Derrick then back at me.

He looks back at me and smiles. I smile back. " my name is Nevaeh." I say looking at him. " Well Nevaeh, umm.. Will you go on a date with me? I mean I texted you yesterday. I hope it was you. But I wanted to ask you on a date in person." He says. I look at him and then back at Derrick. "I.. I'm flattered-" I get cut off. "ASHTON!!!" Why are you talking to them?" We all turn to loo at Luke.


Hello my loves. How are a you guys? Sorry I haven't a uploaded in days! I'm so sorry. But I uploaded.. Finally. Haha but I hope you liked this chapter I know it's short but woo.. What do you think you didn't expect it to be my baby Ash huh? Haha. The intensity. Well just wait till next chapter!

~ Xoxo Katie

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