Save Me (Luke Hemmings Love Story)

Nevaeh is just you're average teen girl. Brown hair blue eyes, but she's different. She's bullied.

Luke is your typical jock. quarterback of the varsity football team. Blonde hair blue eyes. But Luke loves to bully Nevaeh, as time goes by he start noticing how beautiful she is and he secretly starts developing feelings for her.

Will he break the silence and let her know how he feels about her? Will he keep it to himself? Will she feel the same about him? Will they fall in love?

Find out in "Save Me" and read Nevaeh & Luke's Journey.


7. Lost for words

Hi babies! How are you my loves? I read all the comments you guys left, I love you guys. I know it's not huge or anything cause there's people on here that ARE just plain out amazing writers! Like wow. But I have like 60 or 70 something reads and that's huge for me I know there's more to come but wow thank you guys so so much. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Thank you Beautifuls ❤️ well enjoy this chapter. I know the last one was really emotional. Ok I'll shut up now so enjoy loves!


Ashton's POV

I couldn't sleep last night. It was just impossible to sleep with the thought of me taking Nevaeh out in a date. And the fact that she said yes made me a thousand times happier then I already was.

I jumped out of bed and decided in taking a shower. It was like 1 o'clock already. Fucking excited. I grabbed my toothbrush and ran it under the water for like a second or two brushing my teeth, I rinsed my mouth. I splashed water over my face.

I turned to grab my towel from the counter but the minute I did, I instantly regretted it. They started back at me. My past started back at me. I looked down at my wrist. No one was ever going to love this. No one would ever want me like this. Not even Nevaeh would love me like this.

I stared back at my body and just let the tears fall. I quickly turned around not wanting to see it anymore and just turned the shower on and jumped in with the cold water letting it numb my body up.

Luke's POV

I don't get it, why would he do this to me? He's my best friend.why would he even thing of asking her out. I mean I get that I can be mean to her sometimes, but that doesn't give him the rite to ask out the girl that I've been crushing on for almost 6 months now. Like what the actual fuck. Why? Fucking shit!

If only you could see her. Her long beautiful brown her. Her ocean blue eyes. Her lips. Her laugh. Her smile. Her. Everything about her is just so damn perfect. The way her eyes have a sparkle in them when she giggles.

Ok.. So maybe it's not just a crush. Maybe it's more then just a crush. Maybe I'm in love with her. Oh who am I kidding! She'll never love me back anyway!

Nevaeh's POV

I hopped out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my body not wanting to see my reflection a second time today. Knowing I'll regret it.

I walked out the bathroom and into my room and closed the door behind me. Walking over to my closet.

Oh crap. I don't know what to wear I don't know if I should go casual or formal or.. Oh man I'm screwed. Ashton never told me. Poop.

Before I could go and sit on my bed, my phone started ringing, I walked over to it before it went to voicemail. I didn't bother checking who it was. So I just answered.


"H-hey Nevaeh. It's Ashton."

"Oh hey"

"Well umm.. I forgot to tell you that it's formal but comfortable formal cause I have a surprise after dinner."

"Can I know were you're taking me?"



I heard Ashton let out a cute chuckle on the other side of the line. I smiled to myself imagining our date. How'd it go. What would happen. What would I say to him. What if he asked me to be his girlfriend? Oh poopy.

"I'll pick you up at 6:30 beautiful."

I blushed. Thank god he wasn't here to see that.

"O-o-ok." I managed to stutter before he said bye and ended the call. Now I'm nervous. It's not like I wasn't nervous before, because I was now I'm just 10x more nervous than before. Great. Just great.

Before I knew it was 6:25 and I was waiting for Ashton patiently since I finished getting ready literally 3 mins ago.

My phone chirped letting me know that I had gotten a text. It was from Ashton.

"Hey beautiful :) I'll be at you're house in 1 min. I can't wait to see how beautiful you look. Well you look beautiful 24/7 and yes even when you're sleeping an when you wake up.. Ok this is getting long I'll see you in a sex."

I giggled at the last sentence, oh Ashton. I'm so holding that against you.

Before I could reply I heard my door bell ring. I immediately panicked, second guessing my outfit. Was it to much?

What if he didn't like it, what if he thought that I was a freak for dressing do fancy, what if he thought I looked slutty. So many 'what if's' ran thru my mind. My mum came from the kitchen looking at me with a smile on her face.

"You ready honey?"

"Mum is this too much I feel like it's too much. Should I g-"

"Honey, you look beautiful. It's perfect. I know he'll love it." I let out a light sigh my mum opened the door welcoming Ashton in.

"Good evening Mrs.." He paused not knowing my family's last name.

" Keith. But call me Kylie"

"Is it ok if I call you, Mrs.Kylie?"

"That's perfectly fine" my mum smiled at him. I walked over behind my mum hoping he wouldn't see me yet. But he saw me the minute I stepped foot near my mum.

His mouth gaped open. I knew it was to much. Crap. He looked lost for words. Oh man this is bad. This is so bad.

"Nevaeh.. You look.. You look..amazing. No more then amazing. You look perfect you're beautiful." I looked down. I felt the heat spreading throughout my face.

My mum stepped aside letting him in. I kept my head down. My eyes traveled over to his hands. He had 2 bouquets of roses. I looked up at him and he had a wide smile spread across his face. I couldn't help but smile back.

"What are those for?" I asked him making a light gesture to his hand.

"Oh.." He looked down. He grabbed one bouquet of roses and walked over to my mum. aww! He got roses for my mum.

"These are for the beauty of you're mother." He smiled at her handing her the white roses. At smile so big and beautiful spread across her face.

"oh Ashton honey. Thank you so much." She said hugging him.

"No problem Mrs.Kylie." He smiled walking over to me.

" And these. These red roses. They're for you." He said looking down and then back at me with a cute goofy smile across his face.

Once again I felt the heat spreading throughout my face. I let a huge smile spread across my face.

"They're beautiful" I smiled looking at them and admiring there beauty

"Yes you are." Ashton said looking at me with a cute smile on his face. I giggled a bit.

"I mean.. Uh yea yea they're beautiful." He chuckled trying to his the blush that was starting to form throughout his face.

"Ready to go?" He asked. Taking my hand in his.

"Yea. Just let me put these in a vase." I started walking to the kitchen in till my mum pulled me back and took them from my hands.

"Go. Dont keep him waiting." She whispered to me and smiled at Ashton.

"I'll have her home by 11 Mrs.Kylie." He smiled at my mum

"Oh no honey that's fine you two go have some fun come back at 12:30" my mums the best. I kissed my mum goodbye on the cheek.

"Where are we going babe?" I asked Ashton but the minute I realized what I said I regretted it. Aston stopped the car and looked over at me, Gosh I'm so stupid why would I say that. We aren't wen together. oh great what if he thinks that I'm to clingy or that I like taking things to fast or that, oh crap man I'm so stupid.

"Di-did you just call m-me babe?" He looked at me with an expressionless face. Oh crap man fuck what if he going to think now. I should just ask him to take me home. I always fuck shit up. Always!!

"I'm so so sorry. It slipped out and oh my gosh I feel so stupid. I'm so sorry I get if you don't want to go on this da-" before I could finish I felt Ashton throw his hands gently on my face and the next moment was the best, I felt his lips collide with mine. A million sparks when thru me. Was this normal to feel? I felt myself kissing him back putting my hand on top of his arm for comfort. He pulled away and yet again I felt stupid for kissing back. Man.

"Nevaeh, I really really like you and well I..."


Hello my loves, so what did you guys think? Yes no maybe so. :) let me know what you guys would want in the story. Don't be scared to share you're ideas. You guys can DM me on twitter if you'd like. My twitter is Ibeliebergiirl

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