Save Me (Luke Hemmings Love Story)

Nevaeh is just you're average teen girl. Brown hair blue eyes, but she's different. She's bullied.

Luke is your typical jock. quarterback of the varsity football team. Blonde hair blue eyes. But Luke loves to bully Nevaeh, as time goes by he start noticing how beautiful she is and he secretly starts developing feelings for her.

Will he break the silence and let her know how he feels about her? Will he keep it to himself? Will she feel the same about him? Will they fall in love?

Find out in "Save Me" and read Nevaeh & Luke's Journey.


5. Jealousy

Hello my loves! Please please don't kill me. I'm so damn sorry I haven't updated I was going to update a couple days ago but I got sick. I've been sick for literally the past week ugh fucking flu ._. Anyway here's the next chapter sorry if it sucks but stfu and read it, haha just kidding I love you babys


He looks back at me and smiles. I smile back. " my name is Nevaeh." I say looking at him. " Well Nevaeh, umm.. Will you go on a date with me? I mean I texted you yesterday. I hope it was you. But I wanted to ask you on a date in person." He says. I look at him and then back at Derrick. "I.. I'm flattered-" I get cut off. "ASHTON!!!" Why are you talking to them?" We all turn to look at Luke.

"Ashton, answer me. Why are you talking to them?" Luke gave me a look that I couldn't quite make out. He then turned to give Ashton a look of hurt and confusion. But why hurt?

"Well I- I just.." Ashton looked down not knowing what to say "I was asking Nevaeh if she wanted know.. Go on a date.." Ashton said bowing his head a further then it was before.

Luke looked at him in disbelief and then he looked at me like he was hurt and disappointed. "I.. Whatever." He started walking away with those same facial expressions as before. I don't get it why is he acting like this all of sudden. Ugh boys are so confusing.

"Yes." I manage to stammer out if my mouth. Ashton's head shot up with a bright goofy smile in his face and Luke stopped dead in his tracks. He looked furious but that wasn't any of my concern. Like seriously he just can't treat me like shit one minute and then the next he's all get pissy because Ashton asked me out like seriously control your fucking period kid.

"This Saturday. Pick you up at 6:30" He had this really cute goofy smile on his face I smiled back. I mean how can you not smile at that cute face. "Sounds like a plan." He came up to me and pulled me into his arms, engulfing me in a warm embrace. It took me a minute to hug back the minute I did I fell in love with his scent it was strong yet so gentle. I wanted to smell it forever. "I'll text you later beautiful." He whispered in my ear, my cheeks turning a crimson red "o-ok" I stuttered I've never been called beautiful by anyone but Derrick and my mum. I was really shocked by his next action he kissed my cheek. Yup no doubt in my mind my face looked like a damn cherry. Man this is embarrassing.

"Ashton let's go. NOW!!" We turned to look a not so very pleasant looking Luke who was saying every word thru gritted teeth. Man is that attractive. "Ok I'll text you later. Ok?." He said smiling at me. "Ok." I smiled and waved at him.

Ahhhhhh! Holy fuck I'm going in a date with ASHTON FUCKING IRWIN!! Holy fuck.


Sorry this chapter is so short the next one will be hella long promise. And I need you guys to push me to update. I have study hall 1 hour so I can write it then so push me to do it. Anywhore how are you darlings? I'm so happy I get to see me boyfriend today! Yay!!! Haha anyway ok bye babes

Xoxo Katie 😘😘

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