The Marowak's Revenge

Everyone knows Lavender Town to be the creepiest place in Kanto. Along with being home to Pokémon Tower, residences of this little town are known to have seen ghosts haunting the Pokémon graveyard and the possessed chanellers held within the walls. When one Rocket grunt decides to pay a visit to her deceased Pokémon, things in Pokémon Tower get a little ... sketchy.


1. The Marowak's Revenge

Lavender Town.  Probably one of the most creepiest places in Kanto.  And the weirdest.  I honestly have no idea when Giovanni decided this creepy little town would be one of the biggest money-making places.

     My name is Lilithe, and I work for Team Rocket.

     I was always a strange person, even as a little kid.  I could see the future of other people.  I was out of place when I was a young girl.  Compared to the usual honey gold locks of hair and the normal green eyes the other girls had, I had black hair with a purple sheen and golden eyes.  Compared to the others with their Clefairies, Jigglypuffs, and Pikachus, I only had my three companions: my Crobat named Zoey, my Mightyena that responded to Mordred, and my Arbok called Archie.  They were faithful to me, and they always listened, even when I didn't have the right gym badge.

     Now, I am down to two.  It's been a year since I lost Mordred to the cruel beating of a wild Machoke.  Giovanni allowed me to take the day off so I could pay my respects to my late faithful companion.  I now stand before Pokémon Tower, the gravesite of both Pokémon of Kanto and Johto, clutching a dozen roses and a small token of remembrance.

     Zoey and Archie are beside me.  They both shudder as they stare at the building.  As much as they know their friend's final resting place is here, they still can't shake the idea this place is haunted.

     "Hi," a little girl greets.  She's just as normal as the other girls I've seen.  "Welcome to Lavender Town."

     I nod a response.  I stopped speaking after Mordred died, for fear of breaking.  Rocket grunts weren't supposed to break.

     She's disappointed I haven't verbally replied to her.  I can see that much on her baby face.  "Did you know this place is haunted?" she asks in a brave attempt to get me to talk.

     I nod.  I can't believe this girl just asked a stupid question.  Pokémon Tower is a graveyard.  Ghosts don't exist.

     "Do you believe in ghosts?" she questions further.

     Boy, does she want me to talk.  I shake my head, and walk toward the door with my Crobat and Arbok following me.

     The little girl's voice turns from cheerful to mournful the moment I set foot into the building.  "You'll be sorry," she whispers as the door shuts.

     I hear her as though she's yelling, and I shudder.

* * *

The main lobby of Pokémon Tower is almost empty.  I must be the only one present to pay respects to my deceased friend.

     Then I notice the date.  It is Friday, October thirteenth.  The people here in Lavender seem to have a superstition about spirits and Friday the thirteenth.

     Not that I care.  I'm here to visit my dead Pokémon.  I'm not here to experience the so-called ghosts here.

     A friend of mine, a channeller, greets me as I walk to the stairs.  "Are you sure you want to do this today?  The spirits, one in particular, is very angry this day," she warns in her faraway voice.  Her silver eyes, distant as they may be, are terrified.

     I nod.  Despite what others think, she knows all too well the pain I suffer, even after a year has passed.

     She grabs my hand and pulls me up the stairs.

* * *

The floor where Mordred is buried - the final floor - is foggier than I remember it to be.

     I lay my bouquet of flowers on his grave, my Arbok and Crobat both staring at it.  Archie and Zoey probably missed Mordred like hell.  I can't blame them.  We all share the pain.

     My human friend goes through the proper rituals without any hitches.  She ends her prayer in a high-pitched "KEEEH!"

     She falls to the floor, heavily breathing.  I crouch beside her to see if she's going to be all right.

     She glares at me through eyes of pure red.  She utters the cry of a Pokémon, and swipes at me.

     I knew that cry.  It was of a Marowak.

     I was only fourteen when I heard about the death of a Marowak at the hands of Team Rocket.  No one knew the story.  All people said was the Marowak died defending her baby.

     I'm seventeen, fresh out of initiation.  There was no possible way I was the Marowak's killer.

     "Don't let this be true," I mutter, breaking my year-long silence.  "Please let this be a joke."

     My friend begins standing, and Archie hisses at her.  My Arbok is shaking.  Zoey hovers in front of me.

     I shiver, like something unpleasant has caught my ear.  I whirl around.  Using the old Silph Scope a trainer tossed, I search around the room for anything unusual.

     So much for not believing in superstitions, right?

     I never really liked this place.  It creeps me out anyway.  It's worse when you're staring at the face of a long dead Marowak in your human friend's eyes.

     The being flies out of her, but it is still in control.  "Vengance ... is ... MINE!" the channeller screams.

     The ghost Marowak pulls out a very solid-looking bone.  I begin trembling.  It is watching me, preparing for attack.

     Archie strikes first with a Dark-type move he'd known since he was still an Ekans.  It has no effect on the ghost Pokémon, and it easily caves Archie's skull in.

     Now I'm down to one.

     Zoey takes her turn with a Venoshock.  Like Archie's attack before hers, it has no effect, and easily slaughters her just as it did Archie.

     My Pokémon are now gone.  I now have two more to bury in this God-forsaken building.

     The ghost - along with the channeller - turn to look at me.  I begin sputtering random words that make no logical sense.  I'm paralyzed with fear.  I watched it murder my Pokémon with ease.  I'd hate to see what it would do to me.

     "You ... killed ... me," it speaks through my friend.

     "I-I swear it wasn't me!" I scream.  I can't move.  All I can do now is shake.

     "You ... bear ... the ... red ... R ... on ... your ... chest ... when ... you ... are ... not ... here," it replies mercilessly.  "They ... killed ... me.  Now ... they ... must ... pay!"

     "Please," I stutter.  I'm shaking I'm so scared.  "Please!"

     In one fluid movement, the solid bone collides with my skull.

     The last thing I hear before it all goes black is: "It ... is ... finished."

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