Stay with me

It's hard when all your friends are perfect and your just in the background

When all your friends become overnight sensations and and you have no talent what is life ment for


4. what if

After Jasmine died I just knew I would never feel the same way I did when it was all of us.

I remember in year 8 when we would all sometimes get in a fight but, it would always end up fine because we were all true friends to each other and just couldn't hurt each other.

But what if there was some way....

Some way to help the pain

Some way to make everything feel better

Some way to forget about everything

Is there such a thing?

I slid out of bed and walked slowly, nervously and quietly out of my bedroom. I walked through the hallway and into the kitchen. I walked closer and closer to the work top and to the big, wooden knife bloke sitting on top of it. When I was standing in front of the work space the tiles on the floor suddenly made me shiver with cold.

I slid my finger along the black plastic Handel of each knife choosing which one to use. I final selected a long, thick, sharp one. The tears were running down my face making my eyes a blotchey red. I lifted the knife closer to my wrist and I quickly pushed the tip into the top of my wrist befor I could back out. I sunk the knife in a little depper the I pulled it out to reveal a long thin slit along my wrist, the blood was gushing out of it.

I lifted the knife up again ready tho make another cut I closed my eyes so I couldn't see the first one, but then I was interrupted by a knock at the door....

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