Stay with me

It's hard when all your friends are perfect and your just in the background

When all your friends become overnight sensations and and you have no talent what is life ment for


6. the present

I looked at the clock. "crap I need to get to school!" I said.

"It's alright baby I'll drive you,"

"Are you sure you'll be late for school?"

"Yea, anything for you," he said as he picked up my school bag and put it on his shoulder,then he picked me up in a piggy back and he carried me out of the apartment, laughing and he set me down on the front seat of his car.

"For my princess and 3 other princess's." He said and handed me and envelope and then buckled my seat belt for me.(aww he was so sweet)

"Can I open it?" I asked

"Of course!"

"What's inside?"

"You'll just have to find out yourself!"

"Okay" I said and ripped it open.


"Well I got a little extra money."

"Why did you spend it on me and my friends instead of your own mates?"

"Because you mean the world to me that's why." He said, then he lent over and his lips slid onto mine and his tongue slid into my mouth. After what seemed like forevever (in a good way) it was over. He walked around to the other side of the car, opened the door, sat down and buckled his seatbelt.

Do you wanna know what was in the envelope?

Tickets for Bars And Melody!

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