Stay with me

It's hard when all your friends are perfect and your just in the background

When all your friends become overnight sensations and and you have no talent what is life ment for


10. laughing helps

Only a minute had passed when I hared Holly's voice calling my name.

"Beth!" She called. "What cubical are you in?"

"I'm in here." I said walking out of the cubical.

"Oh Beth." She said kindly.

"What?" I asked.

"I know were all upset because of Jasmines death but.... Just..... Cryings not going to bring her back." Said Holly.

"I know I just can't help it." I said still crying.

"Well just please try not to I hate seeing you cry, it makes me want to cry! Just watching you go threw pain ugh, I hate it."

"But were all going trew pain." I said.

"Yea but let's just try and be happy that we had the chance to meet and build a friendship with Jasmine." She said

"But how can I be happy in such a sad time."

"I don't know but we'r all sad so we just need to be strong." She said.

"Okay." I said as she pulled me in for a hug and whipped my tears away.

"Thanks for being such an amazing friend." I said as we walked back into the looker rooms.

"Mr Gray thinks I'm weird doesn't he?" I said

"Ummmm," said Holly not wanting to tell me that he dose.

"Come on Holly he dose doesn't he," I said, "He always did, sure remember that time in year 8 when he signed my student planner and we fancied him (everyone did) and I shouted just monitoring his signature and he watched me and wouldn't look me in the eyes for a couple of days."

"Yea." said Holly laughing then we both burst out laughing and everyone looked at us like we were weird (Which we were, but in a good way) everyone new that by now especially in year 8.

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