Stay with me

It's hard when all your friends are perfect and your just in the background

When all your friends become overnight sensations and and you have no talent what is life ment for


5. I'm such a bad lier

I didn't know what to do, yea I should answer the door but what if it was my dad or my friends or Jordan! What would they do if they seen the blood dripping down in clots to the ground or my red eyes with the tears rolling down my cheeks, what would the say?

The person knocked at the door again I had to think quick.

Then I thought of a reason why I was bleeding and I ran for the door.

I opened it up and standing there was Jordan. I looked into his eyes, god he was gorgeous.

He bent down and hugged me and twirld me around, then I landed and we laughed. But the the laughter stopped.

"Beth!" Said Jordan shocked.

"What?" I said but I quickly slid my hand behind my back.

"You've been crying and you've cut yourself!" "Why?"


"Please tell me Beth this is seriuse" he said tacking my hand and looking at my wrist.

"I was just.... just chopping some vegetables for dinner tonight and...and I... Cut my self." "By accident of course."

"Hmmm are you sure cause I'm kinda worried and that line looks I don't know it just looks like you did it on purpose."


(He looked at me as if saying tell me the truth)

"Fine Jasmine got killed in a car crash and I guess I'm pretty upset."

"Aww are you alright?" He asked

"Yea," I said but I was crying harder than ever

He came closer with a tissue and whipped my tears away gently, then he kissed me on the forehead and I was just smiling like an idiot.

He cleaned all the blood off my cut and rapped a bandage around it, then while I went to get changed into my uniform when I came down he had cleaned up the floor and the knife ad he had made me my favourite chocolate chip pancakes and while we were eating them we just talked.

"So why did you come up to see me today?" I asked.

"Just cause I felt like it" he said and I smiled.(we both has chocolate on out face!)

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