Stay with me

It's hard when all your friends are perfect and your just in the background

When all your friends become overnight sensations and and you have no talent what is life ment for


9. faceing school

We finally got to the looker room where Mr Gray (our form teacher) was.

"Have you hared about Jasmine?" He said

Have you herd about Jasmine, have you heard about Jasmine. It was all I seemed to be hearing today and trust me I wasn't in the mood. All I wanted was for Jasmine to just apear in the looker room. For her to have survived the car crash, for the doctors to have go it wrong, for her to still be alive, for her to stay with me.

But I ignored my thoughts and instead just said "yes" at the same time as Holly (this made me smile)

"Okay, so have you heard the funeral arrangements?"

Funeral? Already? I thought. This was all happening far too fast, I couldn't take it, I count talk about Jasmine and her short life anymore I couldn't think about her, my amazing friend anymore. I didn't think the day I would loose one of my best friends would happen So...So soon.

I held my bag tight and ran to the door witch leedes to the toilets, I ran to the drinking fountain and leaned down my head and took a massive gulp of water then I looked myself in a cubical and cryed.

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