Blood of Olympus alternate ending

This is my story for the BoO competition. I wrote some of it before reading BoO and some of it afterwards.


3. Ten years later - Percy

Today was the day. Today was the day he was going to marry his one true love, Annabeth. He had waited years for this moment but Annabeth had always said they were too young. They were twenty seven now and Annabeth had finally agreed.

Sure he was happy, but he was also sad. He should be here with Jason, Leo and Frank. But instead, he was on his own with no one to talk to because of what had happened ten years ago. He didn’t like to talk about it, the only time he talked about it was when Annabeth needed comforting. She missed Piper and Hazel and she wanted it to be the seven again, not just the two. So did Percy.

He had to get ready on his own. There was no Leo there to tell jokes. There was no Jason to tell him it would be fine, that nothing could go wrong. But worst of all, there was no Frank. Frank had been his best friend and right now, he needed morale support. Sure Frank was dorky, but that didn’t matter to Percy.

He attempted to get into his suit. He was struggling because he was shaking so much. Who designs these things? Obviously the person is going to be nervous.

He took his hair gel out of the plastic supermarket bag and started to put it on. His hands were sticky, he wanted to wipe it on his suit but Annabeth would go mental at him.

He went over to the bathroom sink and washed his hands. Looking in the mirror, he thought of all the good times he had shared with his friends. He saw the reflection of the house telephone in the mirror and he wanted to risk it. Go on, he thought, it’s just one call. See if they’ll come.

He walked over to the phone and picked it up. His hands were shaking even more. He dialled the numbers he had memorised all those years ago, hoping that one day he would pluck up the courage to use them. The first number he dialled was Jason’s.

‘Hello?’ Percy said into the phone, ‘Is this Jason?’

An unfamiliar voice replied, ‘It is, who is this?’

‘It – it’s Percy,’ Percy said dubiously, ‘Do you remember me?’

‘Percy? Seriously? Long time no see,’ Jason replied, astonished. ‘We need to catch up.’

‘No kidding bro,’ Percy told him, ‘But this is important. I’m getting married, today, to Annabeth and I was wondering that if it’s not too late, maybe you could come?’

‘Of course Piper and I will come,’ Jason said, ‘Where is it?’

‘Mount Olympus,’ Percy mumbled.

‘Gods Percy, how did you manage that?’ Jason gasped.

‘It was a favour from the Gods after Annabeth finished re-designing Mount Olympus,’ Percy said as if he rehearsed it, ‘So can you come?’

‘Of course we can,’ Jason basically beamed down the phone.

‘Okay, see you there,’ Percy said finally.

They hung up. He had the same result with Leo and Frank’s phone calls. Annabeth was going to be so thrilled with him. It was going to be the best day of his life.

Two hours later he was waiting at the entrance to the Empire State Building to greet guests. The first to arrive was his mum and Paul. They were worried they wouldn’t be able to enter Mount Olympus because they were mortals. Percy reassured them that the Gods had allowed them to enter just for today. They headed for the elevator.

Then he saw them, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel and Leo together. They weren’t arguing or anything about what had happened ten years ago. They were smiling and laughing. Percy was glowing inside, that was all he wanted. He wanted him and his friends to be together again.

They reached him and they all took turns in giving him a big hug.

‘How are you?’ Piper asked, ‘I haven’t seen you for years, how’s Annabeth?’

‘I’m fine, she’s fine,’ Percy grinned, ‘I’m so glad you could all come, Annabeth is going to be so happy.’

‘You haven’t told her?’ Frank enquired.

‘No, I wanted to surprise her,’ He said, suddenly worried, ‘Do you think I should have told her?’

‘No,’ Leo said, ‘the element of surprise is the best element, after fire of course.’

‘You better hurry up and get inside,’ Percy warned them, ‘I’m still waiting for Annabeth’s step-mother and her brothers to arrive. And Annabeth will be here soon.’

His friends entered to elevator and disappeared just as Annabeth’s step-mother and brothers arrived. Percy told them where to go and then followed them himself.

He was sitting down next to Tyson and Grover who had slept there for some reason. He was waiting for the moment she would walk down the aisle with her dad. He was waiting for the moment she would spot their friends and he was waiting for the moment she would see him.

The elevator opened and out she came. She looked beautiful. Her arm was linked with her father’s and she was searching the seats for Percy’s familiar face. But she saw their friends first and the widest smile Percy had ever seen was etched across her face. She looked at Percy with a look that clearly said: I love you, but what did you do and how?

Percy just shrugged grinning. He stood up just before she reached him and when she did reach him she gave him the biggest hug ever.

‘I love you,’ she whispered in his ear.

‘I love you too,’ Percy replied.

They walked up to Zeus, who for some reason was carrying out the marriage ceremony. But they didn’t question it, they knew better than that. They were together again. The seven were reunited and nothing else would ever come between them ever again.

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