Blood of Olympus alternate ending

This is my story for the BoO competition. I wrote some of it before reading BoO and some of it afterwards.


2. Leo

They nearly crashed. Leo was so busy day-dreaming that he missed the pinpointed spot completely and ended up digging an unintentional hole in the sand.

‘Leo!’ Annabeth shouted.

‘This is not the time for digging a route to Australia,’ Percy said seriously.

Annabeth glared at him.

‘What?’ Percy said without hesitation.

Leo apologised for his mistake but really, he wasn’t focusing on them, he was focusing on Calypso.

Her caramel coloured hair was braided down her back like she always wore it and her dark almond shaped eyes were glistening with tears. The smell of cinnamon from her hair was wafting towards him.

‘Leo,’ Calypso shouted, running up and jumping into his arms. ‘You came back; you actually came back, how?’

‘An astrolabe I found, it was made by Odysseus.’ He muttered to her.

She glanced at the rest of the crew and then spotted Percy, who just happened to be holding hands with Annabeth. She glared at him and Annabeth. Percy looked down at his feet immediately.

‘Uh.... Annabeth meet Calypso, Calypso meet Annabeth,’ Percy mumbled.

Annabeth glared at Calypso and vice versa.

‘Nice to meet you,’ Annabeth forced a smile.

‘And the same to you,’ Calypso grimaced.

She turned her attention back to Leo.

‘But how does the astrolabe work?’ She asked him.

‘I plugged it into Festus’ head, Festus is my metal dragon, and then I said where I was and where I wanted to go. It brought me here.’ Leo told her.

‘Oh Leo, you came back, you actually came back,’ Calypso whispered.

‘I told you I would, didn’t I?’ He smiled.

Leo was thinking hard. I need to tell her, he thought.

‘Calypso, I need to tell you something.’ He stuttered.

‘What is it Leo?’ Her smile was slowly fading.

‘I - I don’t love you,’ He cried.

‘Wh - what?’ She asked him.

‘I - I don’t love you,’ He paused, ‘I love Piper.’

Leo glanced at Piper and then Jason. Piper looked exasperated, but Jason looked downright murderous.

‘Excuse me?’ Jason growled, ‘you what?’

‘I love Piper and there is no denying it,’ He said breathily, ‘nothing can change the way I feel.’

‘Oh, Leo,’ Piper exclaimed, ‘I-I-I love Jason, you know that.’

‘I know,’ Leo told her, ‘but I can’t change the way I feel, I can’t say I love Calypso, if I don’t.’

‘Calypso, your amazing, but you are like a best friend to me,’ Leo said, suddenly very interested in the ground.

‘Leo -,’ Annabeth started.

‘No – You don’t understand,’ He roared, ‘I am in love with Piper, not Calypso. I probably just lost my best friend for telling the truth. The world is a messed up place in which we all have to live in. Everyone tells you to tell the truth, but when you do, you end up losing someone close to you.’

And it was that day in which the once united heroes of Olympus went their own separate ways. Percy with Annabeth, Piper with Jason, Frank with Hazel. And Leo? Well Leo was left to his own devices. He never heard of or spoke to the seven ever again. It was heartbreaking, for all of them. They never spoke to one another again. Well, that is what they thought.

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