Blood of Olympus alternate ending

This is my story for the BoO competition. I wrote some of it before reading BoO and some of it afterwards.


1. Leo

‘Guys, there’s something I need to tell you,’ Leo said, staring at his feet and a distracted look dancing in his eyes.

The rest of the seven stopped talking and looked up at him. Was it getting hotter in here? Was the world spinning faster than usual?

‘What is it Leo?’ Piper asked.

‘When Khione sent me flying off the ship, I was marooned on an island,’ He glanced at Percy, ‘Calypso’s Island.’

Percy stared at him with a poker face that was so good it almost fooled Leo, almost. Percy then looked at Annabeth and continued to stare at her without blinking.

‘As I was leaving Ogygia, I promised Calypso I would come back for her,’ Leo sighed, his exasperation was starting to show and the others were noticing it. ‘It was more than a promise guys, I swore it on the River Styx.’

‘Leo,’ Percy said sternly, ‘There’s no way of getting back to Ogygia, you know that, right? No matter how hard you try, it won’t work. Calypso tol – I mean I read it somewhere.’

Percy had a nervous look on his face.

‘Percy, you do know I figured out you had landed on her island as soon as you returned, don’t you?’ Annabeth said without taking a breath.

Percy made a face as if to say: Oh, I totally knew that......

Annabeth turned her attention back to Leo ‘But you shouldn’t have to be going back to Calypso,’ Annabeth told them, trying to hide the look of jealousy that was slowly but surely sweeping across her face, ‘When Percy defeated Kronos, the gods said they would free all of the titan children from their curses. Calypso shouldn’t be there.’

‘Yeah...she mentioned something about the insolence of the gods,’ Leo mumbled, almost to himself.

Suddenly Jason looked up at Leo, like he had just come out of a trance. ‘I knew something happened,’ he exclaimed, ‘you seemed different when you came back, there was none of your usual jokes.’

Piper nodded. ‘You love her, don’t you?’ she asked him.

Trust the daughter of Aphrodite to make things awkward and complicated.

‘I don’t know, maybe,’ Leo said blushing. He truthfully didn’t know, sure he had feelings towards her, but were they those feelings?

Frank eyed at him with kindness in his eyes. ‘We’ll do whatever we can to get you there to save her,’ Frank said fondly, as if they were best friends, ‘Any ideas?’

Leo turned to Jason. ‘Remember the astrolabe we took from the dwarves in Bologna?’ He asked him.

Jason nodded.

‘It was built by Odysseus after he left Ogygia, he had Calypso in mind.’ Leo continued.

‘But the dwarves said it was missing a crystal or something of that nature,’ Jason enquired, ‘Didn’t they?’

‘Yes,’ Leo said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a crystal. He turned it over in his hand, ‘Calypso... She - she gave me this before I left as a special request. It will help us get back to Ogygia.’

‘Okay, but how does it work?’ Hazel asked him.

He showed her the astrolabe. ‘See this here,’ He said, pointing to a crystal shaped hole near the top, ‘You place the crystal here and a navigational system comes up on the screen.’ ‘I’m hoping it will lead us to Ogygia, well it’s my only hope.’

They all nodded and gave him reassuring looks. He then attempted to put the crystal in the astrolabe, but it was harder than it looked. They tried for ages until it struck him, he had to modify the size of the crystal.

It finally fitted. They all sat down in exhaustion and didn’t speak for ages until Frank broke the silence.

‘So that fire-proof pouch you gave me for my magic firewood,’ Frank pried, ‘That was made by Calypso?’

‘Yes,’ Leo said, ‘it is the same material as the clothes I was wearing when I came back from Ogygia.’

‘Okay,’ Annabeth ventured whilst stared at him with her startling grey eyes, ‘When do we start?’

‘Is now alright?’ Leo grinned.

He got up and walked over to Festus. He placed the astrolabe inside Festus’ head and then stood back and watched as he sparked. Festus’ eyes started glowing and then a male voice boomed out saying: ‘Please state your location and destination.’

‘Uh... we are at The Parthenon in Athens, Greece and we want to get to the island of Ogygia. The exact location is unknown, but you’ll know wont you Odysseus?’ Leo told the strange voice without a second glance at his friends’ awestruck faces.

‘I will do the best I can,’ the voice replied.

‘Thank you,’ Leo said, beaming.

All of a sudden they were moving. They were travelling at such a ferocious speed that the wind was blowing manically in their faces. It was cold but that didn’t matter to Leo, he was going to see Calypso and nothing could stop him from getting there, not even the Gods themselves.

‘Uh... guys?’ Percy said in a worried voice, ‘What’s that?’ He pointed towards the sunset where a dark silhouette was slowly appearing from.

Okay, Leo thought, maybe the gods could stop them.

He turned to his friends and by the looks on their faces, none of them had even the faintest idea what it was, not even Annabeth and she always knows.

The dark shape was getting closer and closer until it finally reached them. They were ready for a battle of course, but they didn’t get what they expected.

From closer up, the dark figure looked like the general image you would see of an angel but slightly different. Instead of having white wings it had black ones and instead of wearing white, it was wearing grey. Its eyes were red and its teeth were an ochre shade of yellow. In other words it looked evil.

The demon like angel opened its mouth, ‘I am your guardian; I am here to guide you in the best possible way I can. You may continue forth on your voyage, but be warned, something will happen that none of you expect. It will affect all of your lives whether you like it or not,’ their guardian said in a raspy voice.

She looked at Leo.

‘That’s not going to stop us from getting to Calypso,’ Leo shouted. ‘What could possibly go wrong?’

‘Oh, you know what I am talking about, little one. For when it happens, it will be your fault.’ She replied to him, barely moving a muscle.

‘Wha - what do you mean?’ Hazel asked, ‘Leo is not going to do anything, leave him alone!’

‘I shall leave you now to dwell on what I said, if you see sense, turn back,’ she said serenely. ‘Leo don’t kid yourself, you know what I am talking about.’

She turned and left.

‘Leo, she said you knew. Do you?’ Annabeth asked him.

Leo looked queasy. ‘I - I don’t know. I don’t know.’

‘We have to rescue her, please guys, please?’ Leo moaned. ‘I promised her and you can’t break a promise.’

‘Leo, don’t worry, we will help you,’ Piper reassured him, ‘Right guys?’

She turned to the others. They all nodded except for Annabeth who was mumbling something under her breath.

‘Annabeth?’ Piper asked

‘Look, maybe we should listen to our guardian.’ Annabeth said, ‘Listening to what she said, something is going to go wrong, and knowing our luck that something is going to be a huge something,’

Piper glared at her, her pupils getting larger until finally Annabeth gave in.

‘But... Fine, okay,’ Annabeth said reluctantly.

They continued on their voyage in silence.

Leo spotted land no more than twenty minutes later.

As they approached the island, the figure of a girl was gradually becoming clear.

‘Calypso,’ Leo said dreamily.

Calypso started to run towards the sea and waved like a mad person. Leo was waving back. She is so beautiful, he thought, ugh, life is so difficult. 

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