The Swan Touch.

Lucid Shade was born into royalty. To some girls, they desire to become a princess. Sure, Lucid loves it, but, there is something ruining it all. Lucid has a crescent moon necklace, which is in half. She must find the other half.


1. Chapter 1: Uncle Elias

                   I stood, beside my mirror, my dress flowing downward. Elegant, yet subtle.. I walked downstairs, finding my parents getting ready for the annual chicken and peas dinner at "Daniel's' A common place for my family. I didn't understand why royalty was so important to them, I always had the idea of 'dream life' as living on the country side. But nope, Clair and my sister Margo are babies. Trust me..

         "Sweetie, can you help Levi with his shoes?" Mom asked. "Yes, of course mother!" I beamed. I slid on Levi's shoes for him. Surely he should know by now, but I'm afraid he doesn't.. I slipped into the car, allowing my dress to fall. The car, in good condition as always. Professionally cleaned by Mathias and Ruben, our butlers. "Mother, father, when is dearest Uncle Elias coming?" Amelia spoke up.

     "He's coming soon, we'll meet him there," Mother said. "He has his famous butter crumpets with him!" After that, was a chorus of "YES!"'s. I was indeed one of them. The crumpets are actually quite divine.. They were slowly smothered in butter, Elias never makes them, though. Its the courtesy of Aunt Gloria. I stared at my crescent moon necklace..


     It shimmered in the dark night. We arrived at Daniel's.. The rest was a blur. All I remember is Amelia getting a stomach bug due to her spaghetti and meatballs. Oddly enough, when she started getting sick, my shirt started glowing.. As if it was signifying, "You can fix this." I didn't know what to do, but I darted to the medicine cabinet for Tylenol. She relaxed afterwards.. My mom started crying. (Happily!) "Thank you.." She sobbed.

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