Alternate Ending - The Blood of Olympus

This is my own version of how The Blood of Olympus could end.


1. An alternate ending...




Leo didn’t know what to expect when the battle finally happened. Sure, the previous fights against various monsters and the odd giant had been hard, but the final battle had seemed so, so quick. Demigods, gods, monsters, they had all turned into a blur of swords and shields, but they had all avoided the flames that surrounded him and his trusty hammer. He saw the other six occasionally throughout the battle, a dragon swooping down on the monsters, the occasional wave of charmspeak making him feel the urge to stop fighting. The fight seemed continuous, yet all Leo could imagine was the inevitable fatal blow that would make him slowly fall to the ground in the slow and heroic manor seen in cheesy movies. 
However, the scream was unexpected. The battle seemed to quieten in Leo’s ears as the same scream ripped through the sound of metal clashing metal. The monsters that were slowly closing in around him all turned to dust as his fire went out in a flash, incinerating them all. He sprinted towards the sound of the third scream, heading toward the rainfall that covered a small clearing at the centre of the battle. He may not have been the best of friends with Percy, but he would recognise that voice, that scream, from a mile away. The sound tore at his heart, as he finally reached a clearing. A girl’s body lay motionless at the centre, as if it was sleeping peacefully in the chaos that surrounded. The only thing that suggested anything other than sleep was the celestial bronze dagger that was lodged in her chest. A shadow of a tall boy lay across her face, the blonde hair, the grey eyes...
Leo continued sprinting forward, as Percy roared in anger for the final time, tears splashing down onto the earth. He ran towards an advancing hoard of monsters, Anaklusmos held above his head, ready to slash down the few monsters that dared come near him. Leo knelt down next to Annabeth’s still body, closing the eyes that for the first time in many years appeared at peace. He needed to get up and fight. He needed to avenge her death, but all strength had left him the moment he saw the architect on the ground. Slowly he stood up and reached into his tool belt to collect a few drachmas. He placed them in her hands, unsure on what to do, before lighting the fabric of her t-shirt.  He turned round to face the battle that continued on, not knowing of the death of the heroine of Olympus.
He closed his eyes and ran towards the battle screaming, his whole body alight. The sound of another loud scream stopped him only seconds later, making him turn towards the flaming pile. In the distance a body of a boy with black hair lay on the floor, impaled by an imperial gold spear in front of a young daughter of Pluto.



~~Percy fell to the floor in front of Hazel’s feet, the long golden spear sticking out of his stomach. A spear that nearly hit her instead. The shock kept her frozen in position, till he whispered a name.
“Hazel.” he said, barely a sound escaping his lips. “Tell, Ni- Nico.” He coughed before continuing. “Tell him, tell him I kept my promise. My oath...” I winced as he tried to move to see me better. “I’ll keep his sister safe. Not the same one...” he lips curving up as he finished. “An oath to keep with a final breath...”  He closed his eyes. ”I’m coming Annabeth.” A final breath escaped his lips as his body feel limp against the ground.
“Percy!” I screamed, sobbing into his blood soaked t-shirt. The death hit me like a wall. I couldn’t think straight as I felt a hand touch my shoulder. She flinched, holding her cavalry sword in a weak grasp pointing it at Frank’s heart. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her up onto her feet. She cried into his chest as ground began to rumble beneath their feet.
“Percy,” I murmured. My head shot up, tears suddenly stopping. Frank gave me a puzzled look. “Percy and Annabeth! The Blood of Olympus!” Frank’s eyes lit up in realization.
“Gaia.” He whispered in shock and fear. A loud, ominous cackle filled the battlefield, followed by a long silence. Demigods, gods, giants and monsters all looked towards the source of the sound, fear in all of their eyes. From the clearing in which Annabeth laid, a body started to rise from the ground. The earth incarnate would usually be pictured as flowery and innocent, but the girl that rose from the ground was fierce. The blonde hair and sea green eyes were both too familiar, insulting to the memory of Annabeth and Percy. A mixture of the two demigod’s blood that had formed Gaia stood in front of the armies, speaking in a booming voice.
“Well,” the monstrosity said powerfully, “It’s too late now,” She smiled at the forces that faced her, cowering in fear. AL the beast that stood to fight gained a new sense of hope and started fighting again with extreme force. The sky rumbled as the remainders of the seven ran forward to face their destiny.  Hazel and Frank soon saw Piper and Jason floating through the air, dodging the odd arrow. Leo met them as they reached the clearing.
“Leo,” Jason shouted, his voice confident and powerful. “The prophecy. To storm or fire, the world must fall, right?”
“What are you thinking?” Leo asked in a questioning voice as he shot a blast of fire at a stray arrow.
“The worlds another word for Earth, right? Mother Earth?” Leo still appeared puzzled by what he was saying. “Gaia! One against one. You or me against Gaia.” He said shooting up into the air. “Keep Piper safe!” He roared building up energy in his hands for one final lightning bolt. “For Olympus!” he screamed as he dived towards Gaia. The battlefield was enveloped in a sheet of white light.




Leo stood at the helm of the Argo II as flames flickered on the abandoned battlefield, the sun slowly beginning to fade. To his left he saw Hazel crying into Franks arms. To his right he saw tears silently falling down Pipers face while Jason hugged her tightly. He didn’t remember much of the previous three days, but he did remember Jason’s sacrifice. His arms were covered in scars from the volts of electricity that had run through them, a reminder of the battle. The journey had been long, the fight hard, and even now he stood alone with only a memories of her, Calypso. The battle had taken its toll on the five, more so than any of the other half bloods. The crowd of demigods below surrounded the fire standing motionless as the sea green and grey silk shrouds turned to dust.



A sound of tranquillity surrounded Elysium.  A young girl with blonde hair sat motionless, staring at the golden entrance gates. Her intense grey eyes remained closed, as a young boy sat down beside her, intertwining their hands together.
“Don’t you remember?” the boy said, a cheeky light glinting in his sea green eyes. Her lips curved upwards as he continued talking in a familiar voice. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

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