The Trials


3. chapter three


Rosalind's POV

"Elle, come on! We were both expecting this!" I plead with her. For the first time in three years, Elle and I aren't steadfastly staring at the screens that monitor the glade. Instead we're hiding out in the tiny room that used to be Newt and my hiding spot. Elle is shaking.

"Yah I know we're the only two left, which means they're going to put us in the maze! I'm almost positive they're going to put us both into group A. But.. We won't remember them. I won't remember Thomas, or anything that happened between us. It will literally be as though all of that never happened, and I just can't deal with that!" Elle cries. My heart wrenches for her. A little while ago, her and Thomas both finally realized their feelings for each other. But now WICKED has destroyed that too. But at the same time, at least Elle knows that at some point Thomas loved her. Newt never liked me like that, and he never will. Suddenly, I'm struck with an idea.

"Elle! The serum!" I exclaim, formulas and numbers rushing through my head. If I can just figure out the right variable..

"What about the serum?" Elle asks.

"If we can sneak into the lab without WICKED noticing, than we can alter our serums to a Similar setting as Teresa, Thomas, Aris and Rachel's! Theirs allowed for certain memories to leak through! Also, we could write a note to ourselves on our stomachs or something, somewhere that WICKED isn't going to see!" I explain excitedly. Elle's eyes widen.

"Yes! We might be able to trigger our memories!" She exclaims happily before engulfing me into a hug.

"You're amazing Lindie!!" She cries. I laugh and hug her back.

"Yah, I know. I'm pretty awesome," I preen. Elle laughs and I inwardly happy dance. That's the first time Elle has laughed, or even smiled since Thomas has been put into the maze. Actually, now that I think about it, this is the first time I've felt this happy in two years.


"Shit, shit, shit!" I scramble to find a black permanent marker. I can't have the serum rubbing off my note to myself. Finally, I stretch my arm out long enough under my bed to grasp the marker.

"Got it!" I cry. Elle makes a happy noise, and I can hear a soft padding on the floor, as though she is dancing around happily. Knowing Elle, she probably is dancing happily. I I army crawl out from under the bed.

Lying down on the bed, I pull up my shirt so that my stomach is bare.

"Elle, stop dancing for like a minute and come and write the note on me!" I exclaim, agitated and exhilarated. Elle scrambles over to me, almost tripping over herself in the process. She grabs the marker from my hand.

"What should I write?" Elle asks me. I bite my lip as I think.

"Okay, write this. 'Do not trust WICKED. There is an exit. My name is Rosalind. Remember Newt, Elle and Tommy'," I instruct her. I can feel the ink settling into my skin as Elle scrawls what I've instructed her to.

Walking over to the mirror in my small bedroom, I look at the message. Okay, that seems sufficient. Pulling my shirt back down, I turn back to Elle. She is now laying on the bed, her shirt pulled up. Her long amber hair is pulled back into a ponytail (like usual) and her grey eyes are trained on the ceiling. Walking over to her, I pat her hand gently. She turns to me, her eyes glimmering slightly with tears.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay," I tell her. Elle smiles at me and turns back to staring at the ceiling. Inwardly, I sigh. Honestly, I don't know if we're going to be okay. But I sure as hell hope we are.


"Come along Rosalind and Eleanor. Today you are entering Group A," Janson says in his nasal voice as he leads us to the lab. I reach out for Elle's hand and she grasps it tightly as we follow him inside. Yesterday night, we had snuck into the lab and altered the settings on the serum to the same as Tommy's had been. Hopefully they hadn't noticed. By the looks of it, they hadn't.

"Please enter your separate containers. It will all be over soon," Janson attempts to reassure and instruct us at the same time. I roll my eyes and slowly pull my hand away from Elle before climbing into the tank and laying down. With a small pop, the container closes off. I glance around at Elle. Her eyes are clamped shut and her mouth keeps moving, mouthing something. Suddenly, with a whir, the tank starts to fill up. The liquid is rapidly filling the tank. I gasp as I feel it on my skin. I can already feel my thoughts begin to spiral as I desperately try to cling to them.

I can't remember my family anymore. Did I have a brother? I'm almost positive I had parents, right? Everyone has parents!

Names seem to rush out of my head, the serum seemingly sucking them out of me. Faces and memories begin to evaporate. As Newts face flashes across my vision before beginning to blur, I gasp and cling to that memory. It's fading, but I continue to cling to it, burning it into my memory.

Newt, Newt, Newt, Newt,Newt.

I repeat it over and over again in my head. The image solidifies.

My vision begins to blacken around the edges, my conscience fading as my eyes flutter shut.

Newt, Newt, Newt...


An eerie rattling jolts me awake. Suddenly, I'm filled with a panic. Where am I?!

I grope the walls around and under me. Okay, so it seems like I'm in a metal box of some sort. Next to me, there's a crap load of boxes and supplies. Grabbing at the wooden box, I grapple with it for awhile before finally pulling a plank off of the box. Now I have a weapon to defend myself. As the box continues to go up, I stumble around. Suddenly, i trip over something. It's a person. Oh god..

Quickly dropping my plank of wood, I turn the girl over. She breathing, thank god. She has long amber coloured hair that is fanned around her head like a halo, sharp and pretty features and is very petite. When I look at her, something feels off about her hair. There's something in me that just screams that it shouldn't be like that, it should be pulled back into a ponytail! As the girls eyes blink open, and her wide grey eyes meet mine, a name flashes into my head.

"Elle?" I say without fully registering it.

"Lindie?" She gasps at the same time. Wait. Lindie? My name is Lindie? No..


That's my name. I know it is. As I grasp in my head for more information, I find almost nothing. Except for a faint image of a blonde boy with a square jaw, laughing with his azure blue eyes twinkling. I try to think of his name, desperately grasping for it.


That's the boy's name. That's all I know. That, and the girl beside me is Elle, and I feel close to her, protective of her. As Elle and I continue to gape at each other, a faint blaring alarm rings in the box. With a gasp I lunge for my plank, and grasp it, waiting to swing. Elle is still on the ground behind me.

Suddenly, the box stops, and I stumble but keep my balance. A hatch on the top of the box opens, and a rope is let down. A boy with brown hair and odd eyebrows swings down the rope. He notices Elle first.

"Guys! It's another girl!" He yells up to his friends. He leans down to help Elle up, and that's when i take my shot. I swing the plank and bring it down on his head. He let's out a strangled yell as he crumples to the ground. I shimmy out of the hole at the same time as Elle. As soon as we're out, I immediately notice that we are completely surrounded by boys. They're all staring at us dumbfounded. Taking one glance at Elle, we both dash towards the exit.

"Wait! They're running!"

"Someone grab them!"

"Damn these girls are fine,"

"Dude! The blonde one knocked Gally out!"

"Call dibs on Blondie!"

"So long as the brunette is mine!"

"NUH uh, I want her you shanks!"

The voices of the teenage boys ring out behind me, but I keep running. Suddenly, I knock into an Asian boy who is running inside the doors.

"Whoa!" He yells as he topples beside me.

I flail around, kicking him in the stomach. He groans. I go to stand up, but am stopped by the sound of an accented voice calling out.

"Hey! Stop! Please!" A boy calls out. I turn abruptly. I know that voice, I know that voice, I know that voice! I turn to see a blonde boy limping his way over to me.

"Newt," I whisper.

"Minho, grab her! Don't let her run!" Newt calls out. Suddenly, hands go around my ankles and pull. I fall without warning towards the ground, smacking my head. My head is facing Elle and a black haired boy who are staring dumbfounded at each other, and the last thing I hear before i faint is the blonde boy I'm positive is Newt yelling at the Asian boy who tripped me.

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