The Trials


10. chapter ten


Eleanor's POV

“Run Thomas, run! Don't look back!” I hear Minho frantically scream. I can hear every little sound echoing though the large mossy corridors. Thomas and Minho hadn't seen me run after them into the maze, and they'd left without me. Thankfully, i've only encountered one griever, but i can hear Tommy and Minho struggling against more of them. At first, i don't process much of what Minho says, until all goes dead silent.

He'd screamed at Tommy to run, the whirring of a griever following the footsteps, and then when the walls shifted, they had captured something hard between it's death grip. A body.

Minho says nothing, and i can't hear Thomas, or the griever anymore.

“Thomas!” I scream, panicked. I hear no response, and i can't wait for tomorrows runners to come and search for bodies.

I slowly uncurl myself from my huddled ball in the shadows near the cliff, and stand.

Regaining myself, i take a shaky step out from the ivy. I need to find Thomas.

*tap tap tap*

The sound echoes through the maze, coming closer to me. It doesn't sound like a griever, but i have to be cautious anyways.

*tap tap tap*

The sound getting louder, and rapidly getting closer. I duck back into the shadows and wait.

*tap tap tap tap*

By now, i can tell that it's footsteps. I can also hear the eerie whizzing sound of grievers close in pursuit.

Minho rounds the corner, and not too long after him, Thomas follows.

I thought he was dead.

“Thomas!” I wail, and hurl myself out from underneath the ivy.

“I thought you were dead” I punch him in the chest, but he doesn't shy away. His eyes show a mix of confusion, sorrow, and what looked like longing. The same longing i had, and still do.

The longing for our memories that had been stolen. Our family, friends, each other.

When i'm near him i feel i big connection, i just don't remember a single thing.

Minho latches onto my upper arm, and yanks me towards the ivy.

Placing his index finger lightly on his lips, he points towards the walls of the maze- he must hear a griever.

I panic when i see the grievers round the corner, and realize Thomas is still standing in front of them, in plain sight. Minho must've been thinking the same thing, because his big arms wrap around me, holding me back.

With one hand, Minho covers my mouth knowing that i'll run for Thomas, or scream. I clench my hands into fists. I don't want to see him die in front of me. I can't.

The griever rears back and it's hind "legs" and with a loud, earsplitting shriek, it charges for him.

He doesn't move a muscle..

But before i can panic, i see the familiar ticking vein in his neck, the telltale sign that he's about to sprint for his life. The same vein i saw when he entered the maze. I slouch into Minho's arms, hoping upon hope that Thomas has a plan.

'Please have a plan' i think to myself.


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