The Trials


6. chapter six


Eleanor's POV

The hammocks are rough, almost tough to lay in. I toss, and i turn, probably really pissing off the other gladers. I guess i'm just a restless sleeper, because everyone else seems fine. Or maybe i'm just not tired. Swinging my feet over the side of my hammock, i slip on my shoes and tiptoe to the forest. It's dark and cold, but i keep walking. I find myself thinking about Thomas, even though it hurts me somehow. Why can i remember him- even just a little- when i could barely remember my own name? Who is he really?


I jerk around to find the speaker, but there is no one in sight. No other gladers are even stirring. They all sleep.

“Ellie where are you?!”

I spin in a circle, before grabbing a large stick and back up against a thick oak tree. I don't hear breathing, or foot steps, or any other noise.

The only sound i hear is that of my own breathing, and the feint sound of the walls shifting in the maze.

“Ellie! Tell me where you are!!”

I shriek in frustration. Who IS this person in my head?! I know i'm not imagining someone.

“Who are you?!” Somehow, my mind screams at the voice in my head, as easy as breathing.

“Thomas. Ellie where are you, i can explain.” Thomas' voice rings loudly in my head. I'm NOT going crazy.

“The forest Tommy.” I think again, and he must've heard because soon, i hear footsteps. I point my sharp branch in the direction of the crunching leaves and brace myself, in case it isn't Thomas, or he wants to attack me.

“Woah, woah, woah, Elle it's me.” Thomas' face appears in the light, and he holds his hands up in surrender.

“Why can i hear you in my head?”

“I don't know,” he says flatly.

“All i know is, i can do it too.” He drops his arms and stares at me, hard.

“I came hear for a reason Ellie.” Tommy mentions in my head once more. His voice less terrifying, and now becoming soothing.

“I remember you.”

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