The Trials


7. chapter seven


Rosalind's POV

As I lay awake in my hammock (which are really goddamned uncomfortable!) I recall my day.


"So Rosie, this is the glade. Over there are the builders, over here is where the slicers work, the fields where I work and the kitchen where frypan works. Starting tomorrow, you're going to start trying out all the jobs in the glade to find which suits you best. Over here, is the homestead where we sleep. Any questions?" Newt explains, his British accent lilting his words. I bite my lip. One thing has been bothering me.

"What's outside the walls?" I ask. Newt looks at me, before shaking his head slightly.

"Bloody curious greenies. Outside the walls, is the maze. You are to never enter the maze, okay Rosie?" Newt says while looking at me seriously. I look him dead in the eyes. As I'm about to tell him off for nodding me around, I see something in his face. At the mention of the maze, his muscles grew taut and his eyes were full of a depressed sort of hope and terror. Realizing this, I nod my head reassuringly.

"Okay," I say clearly. He smiles and for some reason, I feel the instinct to grab his hand. Complying with the instinct, I reach out and grab his hand. Instead of pulling his hand away like I expected, Newt merely blushes lightly before leading me to the bath house.

"Here's the bathing room. We have a bath in there that you can use-I'll stand guard by the door and make sure no one goes in," Newt says before gently pulling his hand away. I nod gratefully at him. I enter the bath house and notice the tub sitting against a wall. It seems to be connected to pipes.

'The creators must have put it here when they built the maze,' I think before shaking my head slightly. How did I know that?

Quickly, I peel off my shirt and pants. As I'm about to get into the tub, I look down at my stomach. And than I do a double take. On my stomach, words are scrawled in black marker.

"Holy shit," I mutter, before throwing my clothes back on and rushing outside. But as I'm throwing my clothes on, something flutters out of my pocket. As I read it, I feel an iron weight of dread settle in my chest. On it, it says:

THEYRE THE LAST ONES, EVER. Gasping, I throw open the door and almost knock into Newt, who is leaning against the door.

"Rosie? What is it?" Newt asks, clearly puzzled. I merely hold out the paper and watch his face as he reads it. His eyes widen and his breath catches.

"It was in my pant pocket. And on my stomach there's something written there," I tell him quickly, my words rushing out. He glances down at my stomach.

"Can you show me?" He asks, a blush lighting up his cheeks. I lift up my shirt enough to see my stomach. Leaning down, Newt reads the words aloud.

"Do not trust WICKED. There is an exit. My name is Rosalind. Remember Newt, Elle and Tommy.." Newt trails off as he looks at me seriously. I swallow nervously. What does this mean? Newt looks at me oddly for a few seconds before glancing back at my stomach again.

"Who's WICKED.. Wait. There's a way out. There's.. A way out. There's a way out of this bloody place!" Newt cries out in happiness. He pulls me into a hug, picking me up and spinning me around. I can't help it-something in me screams that this feels right, being in his arms. It feels like.. Home.

*end of flashback*

I sigh and roll over. Elle just got up and left the homestead. Probably can't sleep.

After Newt and I found the notes, he immediately called a gathering. Nobody knows what to do with this information, really. All it did was verify the fact that there is a way out. I roll over again and close my eyes. For some reason, I don't think it'll be as easy as finding the exit.

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