The Trials


9. chapter nine


Rosalind's POV

"ELLE! THOMAS!" I shriek. Those shucking shuck faces! For reasons I can't explain, I feel my heart drop into my stomach. Why do I feel so affected by Elle and Thomas' disappearance, even more than Minho and Alby? Everyone around me seems to be in different states of shock. Most of the Gladers seem to be in awe of Thomas and Elle running in there, while Chuck and Theresa are just gaping at the doors. Newt is staring at the doors, his fists clenched and eyes shut tightly. The Gladers all suddenly all start talking and it's like a dome of noise has risen over the glade. I glance at Gally. He is simply staring at wall with something like regret. I don't know. Suddenly, I hear some guy mumble something to his buddy that makes my blood boil.

"Damn, there goes the one girl. I call dibs on Blondie now," some brunette guy says. With anger flooding through my veins, I yell.

"LISTEN UP SHANKS! ALL OF YOU, SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!" I scream. Everyone in the Glade goes dead silent. In those few seconds, you can hear a male voice- Thomas?- yell out. The Gladers all listen for more, but nothing else happens. Everyone complies to what I say, albeit grumbling about it. Pretty soon, it's just Newt and I left by the doors. I bite my lip anxiously. There's a part of me that's screaming at me to comfort him somehow. He just lost his two best friends, and two new Gladers, and now he has to run the Glade all by himself. I reach out for his hand shyly, and to my surprise he doesn't shy away from it. Instead he grasps it tightly. In a burst of courage, I sit down on the ground and pull him down next to me, leaning against the wall. He simply sits down, almost sagging against me. I hold his hand tightly and lean my head against his shoulder. The loud groaning and shifting of the maze sounds out behind us, but we don't flinch away from it. Suddenly, I hear someone scream. Jolting upright, I listen more closely.

"THOMAS, COME ON! RUN!" A voice I recognize as Minho screams. Next to me, Newt is staring straight ahead, listening intently to the voices in the maze. Something like hope flares inside of his eyes, along with a sadness. I get where he's coming from. I mean, now we know that Thomas and Minho are alive still, but what about Elle and Alby?

"COME ON! COME AND GET ME!" We can hear Thomas screaming in a taunting tone. Instantly I feel a dread in my stomach. They're being chased by Grievers. They'll never get out of this alive.

"THOMAS!" Minho screams in panic, and than the sound of a great crunch fills my ears, before a dead silence. I stare at the maze, tears forming in my eyes. Thomas...

I curl up into Newts side, feeling a sadness settling over me. I don't understand why I would feel so depressed over his death, I just know that I do. Newt wraps his arm around my shoulders and settles next to me. We may not know exactly why we're so comfortable with each other, but that doesn't matter right now. We've both lost tonight, so I'm open to any comfort. With tears streaming down my face, I fall asleep laying against the stone cold wall with Newts warm arms wrapped around me.

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