The Trials


5. chapter five


Rosalind's POV

Newt. Elle. Tommy. Newt. Elle. Tommy. Newt. Newt. Newt...

Names ring through my head like a bell. Groaning, I reach up and rub my pounding head. Sitting up, I immediately regret it as immediately I have an onslaught of voices talking.

"She's awake!"

"Someone go get Newt!"

"Should we get the other chick?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Are you alright?"

The two boys hovering over me demand, causing my eyes to glaze over. Finally, I've had enough.

"SHUT UP!" I shriek. Almost immediately they fall silent.

"My head is killing me, so if you could just shut up and give me a minute to orient myself, I would very much appreciate it," I snarl blithely. The two boys look at each other before one of them runs off. Weird. Sighing, I put my head in my hands. The last thing I remember was a box, and than hitting a boy over the head with a wooden plank. A girl named Elle and running towards a wall before getting knocked over. And than..

A boy named Newt. Square jaw and blonde hair and dark brown eyes that twinkle. Why can I remember him so clearly, but I can't remember anything else beyond that?

"Clint! Jeff came and told me the girl was awake?" A British accent rings out through the room, breaking my out of my thoughts. I glance up and notice the blonde boy. For some reason I can't understand, the sight of him sends butterflies through my chest. I can't explain this warm feeling I get from him, I can't even if I tried.

"Yah and than she screeched for us to shut up," the boy(who must be Clint) says. Newt chuckles and I scowl.

"I'm right here ya know," I mutter. Nobody seems to notice.

"Yah, I know the girl screeched at you. Everyone in the glade heard her. She has some bloody lungs on her," Newt says while smirking slightly, before turning to me.

"So how are you feeling love? You hit your head pretty hard on that rock," Newt asks concernedly. Finally! Some concern already!

"My head hurts and I can't remember anything except a few snippets," I confess. Newt smiles gently at me.

"It's normal, don't worry. Everyone goes through it. Can you remember your name?" He asks softly. I bite my lip and focus. What's my name? ....

"Rosalind!" I exclaim. Newt's eyebrows shoot up before he shakes his head softly.

"Hmmm Rosalind. That's a pretty name. Mind if I call you Rosie love?" Newt asks. For a second, I swear I remember something. A voice, whispering in my ear 'Bye Rosie' and arms wrapped around me. I shudder lightly before nodding at Newt.

"Sure," I tell him. He smiles, before reaching out a hand to me.

"Come on-I'll show you the Glade."

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