The Trials


8. chapter eight


Eleanor's POV

I wake up to the bright sun peaking over the walls that separate us from the maze, and the sound of the walls sliding open. That means it's time for our runners to go out.

I slip on my shoes, and dash towards the doors. Thomas and Minho stand there waiting for the rest of the runners to fill up their packs.

I skid to a halt, almost knocking into Minho.

“Sorry Minho.” I cringe, and he grabs my shoulders to steady me.

“Woah there, you've got the legs on you to be a runner, too bad we don't allow greenies.” He says to me, now clutching the straps of his pack. Thomas grabs my shoulder and squeezes.

Finally, the other runners emerge from the map room.

“Thomas, Be careful. We can't loose another glader. You heard the note, we're the last ones. Ever.” He hugs me lightheartedly, but then pulls away realizing what he did. We definitely remember each other somehow, but we don't know each other well enough for hugs.

Blushing, Thomas finally decides on reassuring me.

“I'll be okay.” He says eventually, before he and Minho sprint into the maze and out of sight. I sit at the doors, waiting and waiting. Eventually, i go to leave when Thomas, Minho, and the other runners come sprinting out early.

“Alby! Alby, we found something!” Minho almost screams his shucking lungs out.

Thomas runs up to me, out of breath.

“Minho said the rules changed. Nobody's aloud in the maze except experienced runners- runners that've been at it for years.” He grumbles, pissed of. He's only been running a couple months, how i remember that, i don't know.

Alby sprints past us and to the doors of the maze where the runners wait.

After Minho briefly tells Alby that they found something, they take off- Alby included. Thomas takes off into the forest, to pout no doubt.


“WICKED is good Eleanor. Things are gonna suck, things'll get bad, but it's for the better of our kind.” A tall blonde woman tells me in a steely voice.

I pull the blanket tighter around my shoulders.

I'm going into the maze in twenty minutes with Rosalind and we still have to write ourselves a note.

I don't think i can make it if i don't remember Thomas.



The sky darkens and the walls start rumbling. No. Alby and Minho haven't come back yet..

Everyone gathers at the doors of the maze. Judging by the sky, i'd say they have a little under 5 minutes.

Newt stands anxiously at the front of the pack, playing with his lips, and crossing his arms. He looks up to Alby. Admires him even.

If i was Newt, i'd be scared out of my shucking mind. Running this.. 'Place' can't be easy, and Newt knows it.

“Help!! Hey!!” We hear a loud, ear-splitting wail, coming from the maze.

Something is wrong.

Minho rounds the corner, dragging Alby along behind him. He's struggling, but he could make it.

I get my hopes up and just as quickly, they fall into a dark abyss. The doors rumble, the gears starting to spin. The walls are closing before Minho and Alby are safe.

Everyone is cheering him on, but i can tell by their grim faces that they know theres no hope.

Out of the corner of my eye, i see Thomas. The muscles in his neck are taught, and he clenches his knuckles. He's about to go in...

“Thomas!” I scream at him, but it's too late, he sprints in after him. I see Newt reach out, stumbling on Thomas' heel. He tried to help me.

The doors are rapidly closing and theres no way Thomas, Alby, and Minho are getting out.

As usual, i feel something but don't know where it comes from.

'You can't lose him again Elle.'

'Elle, go after him.'

'Why are you just standing there, shank?! Go!'

Word ring in my head loudly, leaving an impression.

I can't loose Thomas again, whatever that means..

I take a deep breath, and i run blindly into certain death.

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