Stories Of Pumpkin (9+)

Just like "Stories Of Jennifer," but Pumpkin is a 6th grade boy living a completely different life. (Jennifer is only in 4th grade.) To find out more about the characters, look toward my account on Storybird. I DO NOT OWN THIS ART! ALL CREDIT FOR THE ILLUSTRATIONS GOES TO THE AMAZING PAUL MCDOUGALL!!!


2. Verbal Defense

"Can I see the comics page?"

Pumpkin and Recycler were both in the library. Pumpkin was reading the Sunday comics.

"Hang on, Recycler," Pumpkin replied. "I'm almost done. Tsk!...Bethany is having another blowout with Greg? What does she see in that...!"

Moment of silence.

"You read Bethany?" asked Recycler.


"Dude, you read Bethany? That's, like, a comic strip for girls!"

"Wha--NO! I mean, I read all the comics, one-by-one!"

"Oh. So you do read Bethany!"

"Well...OK, yes! But I don't pay attention to it!"

"So how come you know the names of all the characters?"


"Cheese!" Recycler shouted. "Pumpkin reads Bethany!"

"Isn't that a chick strip?" asked Cheese.

The bell rang.

.                                    .                                    .

"Pumpkin, I can't believe you read Bethany!" said Cheese on the way home from school.

"Yeah!" said Recycler. "That's, like, the worst comic strip of all time!"

"Well," said Pumpkin, "it's funny to see how bad it'll turn out! I mean, have you ever laughed at something just because it's so pathetic?"

Cheese and Recycler started laughing so hard that Pumpkin saw them fall on the floor. "We have now!"

.                                 .                                     .

Recycler found Pumpkin in the library. "Reading your favorite chick strip again, eh?"

"I'm reading all the comics, Recycler!" Pumpkin shot back. "I consider myself a comic strip fan! It's just that one comic is about...uh...about..."

"...'the life and loves of a sensitive teenage girl?' " Recycler finished.

Pumpkin groaned. It's getting harder to defend this.

Suddenly the librarian called for them. "It's time for lunch. Did you hear the bell?"

"Why no," said Recycler. "No I haven't."

Outside, the bedlam raged on.

"...listen, Recycler," said Pumpkin, "stop harshing on me for reading Bethany!"

"But it's just so hilarious that you're a fan of such a lame chick strip!" Recycler replied.

"I'm not a fan, I just read it because it's there!" He paused. "Remember when you got sick and you became addicted to Elmo's World?"

"Say what?" asked Cheese in surprise.

Recycler frowned. "Dude, you promised."

"If you can't keep secrets from Cheese, then why should I?" Pumpkin replied matter-of-factly. "I had a point to make."

Pumpkin and Recycler returned to the library for their free period.

"Gah! Bethany is just horrible!" Pumpkin said, frowning.

"Why do you read it, then?" asked Cheese. "That doesn't make sense at all."

"Do you know what it's like to read a comic strip you hate?!" Pumpkin screamed. "No, you don't! You have no clue! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE!!!" He grabbed Cheese by the neck and shook him aggressively.

"Time to exit the library, boys."

It was the librarian.

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