Stories Of Pumpkin (9+)

Just like "Stories Of Jennifer," but Pumpkin is a 6th grade boy living a completely different life. (Jennifer is only in 4th grade.) To find out more about the characters, look toward my account on Storybird. I DO NOT OWN THIS ART! ALL CREDIT FOR THE ILLUSTRATIONS GOES TO THE AMAZING PAUL MCDOUGALL!!!


12. Surprise!

A surprise chapter for everyone who enjoyed this.

Pumpkin dialed the number of the weather forecaster, Wink Summers.

"Hi, could I speak to Wink Summers, please?....Sure, I'll take his voice mail. Hi, Wink. Pumpkin Wright here. Your accuweather forecast for today, I do believe, called for a high temperature of 87 degrees. Instead, for the third day in a row, it is a cool and breezy 101 DEGREES! YOU'RE KILLING US!!!"

Dad, who was sweating endlessly, was watching him. I'd stop him, but I'm to hot...

The next day, Wink called Pumpkin back.

"Hi, is this Chief Meteorologist Wink Summers?....Yeah, this is Pumpkin Wright. I left you a voice message yesterday. What's up with these forecasts, man? You keep saying this heat wave is going to stop, and it keeps going on and on! YOU KEEP RAISING MY HOPES, THEN DASHING THEM TO PIECES WITH YOUR METEOROLOGICAL INCOMPETENCE!!! Wink, you're no Al Roker."

Dad was watching him again. Yikes.

"Listen, Wink, don't act like this is the first forecast you got wrong. You screw up ALL THE TIME! Does December 13, 2002 ring any bells?....Yes, that's right, Wink! The 'storm of the century' which amounted to exactly one inch of snow! You had me primed for a snow day, Wink! You made me think they were going to close the school that day, but they were still up and running, and I got slammed with a math test! And do you know what I got on that math test?....Take a guess at that, Wink! You're so good at that!"

He has trouble letting things go...

"Hey, let me ask you, Wink!" Pumpkin walked out of the room. "What's your real name?....Because there was no way you were born with the name 'Wink Summers,' am I right? Is your real name so goofy that you--....Okay, you're right. Calling yourself Chief Meteorologist Dick Shipp on Live TV is playing with fire. So why do you call yourself 'Wink Summers, Chief Meteorologist?'....I mean, what's with the 'Chief,' huh?" Is that some sort of status in the world of TV?....Because let me tell you, my friend, calling yourself doesn't make you more important than Glenn Beck, or Joe Buck, or especially Nell Minow! Speaking of which, I've got a knuckle sandwich for her, too!"

"Time to hang up, son," said Dad.

Pumpkin had no choice, but the next day, while Dad was taking a nap, he called back. "Hi, is this chief Meteorologist Wink Summers?....Wink! Pumpkin Wright here! I called you yesterday, remember? Why am I calling? Because you finally got a forecast right! You said the heat wave would end! And it did, just as you pre--"

RRUMBLE!...Suddenly, the sound of thunder blared through the air, followed by heavy rain. "You're a riot, Wink."

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