Stories Of Pumpkin (9+)

Just like "Stories Of Jennifer," but Pumpkin is a 6th grade boy living a completely different life. (Jennifer is only in 4th grade.) To find out more about the characters, look toward my account on Storybird. I DO NOT OWN THIS ART! ALL CREDIT FOR THE ILLUSTRATIONS GOES TO THE AMAZING PAUL MCDOUGALL!!!


5. Ms. Wheeze-fiend

Pumpkin walked through the door to the Counseling Center. At the end of the room was Little Miss Hood.

"Little Miss Hood, I've come up with a great idea for the school paper! Take a look!"

Little Miss Hood intercepted the sheet. "Ms. Wheeze-fiend?"

"The hilarious misadventures of a sadistic sixth grade teacher!"

Little Miss Hood frowned. "Is this based on anyone we know?"

"Define 'based on,'" Pumpkin replied formally.

"Is this Ms. Cheesefiend?"

"Uh...define 'is...' "

"Pumpkin, are you out of your mind?!" Little Miss Hood shrieked. "We can't put this comic strip in the newspaper! We'll get expelled!"

"Why?" Pumpkin asked calmly.

"Because this 'Ms. Wheeze-fiend' character is so clearly based on Ms. Cheesefiend!"

"Wha--! She is not!" Pumpkin snatched the comic. "Ms. Cheesefiend is a Social Studies teacher! Ms. Wheeze-fiend teaches math!"

Little Miss Hood sighed.

"Let me get this straight: You're refusing to print my comic strip?" Pumpkin went on.

"Your comic strip insulting Ms. Cheesefiend? No, I won't!"

"It's a riot!" Pumpkin pressed. "Ms. Wheeze-fiend deserves to be seen!"

Little Miss Hood scoffed. "You think so? Well, here comes Ms. Cheesefiend. Let her see it."

Pumpkin turned with a start. He rushed toward the trash can and started to rip it up just as Ms. Cheesefiend passed by.

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