Stories Of Pumpkin (9+)

Just like "Stories Of Jennifer," but Pumpkin is a 6th grade boy living a completely different life. (Jennifer is only in 4th grade.) To find out more about the characters, look toward my account on Storybird. I DO NOT OWN THIS ART! ALL CREDIT FOR THE ILLUSTRATIONS GOES TO THE AMAZING PAUL MCDOUGALL!!!


3. Enter Spicy Mead

Pumpkin walked up to Ms. Bounce, his math teacher.

"Pumpkin, you seem to be struggling with math a little bit," Ms. Bounce said, folding her arms.

"Well, yeah, I guess."

"I think you might benefit from working with a tutor."

"A tutor? You mean like a high school student?"

"No, I actually had someone else in mind."

Suddenly, Spicy Mead walked in. "Hellos! I is reported for tutor duties!"

Spicy Mead?! Pumpkin's fists trembled in rage! "Hold on, Ms. Bounce. Why does Spicy Mead have to be my tutor?"

Ms. Bounce turned to write a note for the class to walk in and see. "You had someone else in mind?"

"How about Soccer Girl? She'd be good!"

"Pumpkin, Soccer Girl is worse at math than you are! She'd be useless to you!"

Pumpkin smiled. "Well, yeah, I know, but...rowrr!"

Ms. Bounce turned to Spicy Mead. "Start him out on Chapter 5," she said, handing Spicy Mead a textbook.

Pumpkin and Spicy Mead sat down. "I'm not happy about this, Spicy Mead," said Pumpkin.

Spicy Mead turned to him. "About whats?"

"About you! Tutoring me! It's humiliating!"

Spicy Mead frowned. "Why you is humiliated?"

"Well, would you like crawling to me for help with something I'm better at than you?"

" is not better than me at anything."

Pumpkin growled. "Except tact."

"Ha! You funny!" Spicy Mead laughed. "Even if you are bad at math!"


"I can't believe Ms. Bounce is making me work with Spicy Mead!" said Pumpkin as he and Cheese walked home together after school. "What a revolting turn of events!" He paused. "Hey! I just thought of something! What if I get worse at math instead of better? Then Ms. Bounce will fire Spicy Mead and find a better math tutor!"

Cheese rolled his eyes. "Either that or you'll flunk out of school altogether."

"Which would also get Spicy Mead out of my life! I'm a genius!"

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