My life as Ariel

Ariel's life isn't perfect from hate on social media to heart breaking news about her Mum but Ariel knows that she will always have the support from her Parents and Best friend Millie [Niall Horan fanfiction]


11. "Mabey Starbucks will be our Always"

"MILLIE HURRY UP!" I yelled from downstairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" she yelled back running down the stairs.

After grabbing a breakfast bar and my car keys I opened the front door and got in my car [picture] with Millie at my side.

"Starbucks?" I asked

"Starbucks" Millie replied 

"Mabey Starbucks will be our Always" I said before giggling. [I love TFIOS!!] 


When we finally arrived at Starbucks I got out the car and we walked in to buy our drinks. After we had ordered we sat down and I drank my pumpkin spice latte and ate my breakfast which I had grabbed before we left the house.

The time is  now 11:30 and our photo shoot is at 12:00" I said

"ok we better get going it's a 20 minute drive there" she replied

"ok but on the way we're stopping off at the gas station so we can stock ourselves up on food and drink" I said

"sounds good to me" said Millie


After 5 minutes of driving we stopped at the gas station to fill up and we grabbed a load of food [picture] 

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