My life as Ariel

Ariel's life isn't perfect from hate on social media to heart breaking news about her Mum but Ariel knows that she will always have the support from her Parents and Best friend Millie [Niall Horan fanfiction]


1. intro to Ariel 😄

Ok so my life is very annoying here are some reasons why:


2) Everywhere I go (with my dad) I get mobbed

3) I'm very busy and always behind on my school work!

But then there's also reasons why my life is AMAZING!!!!!

1) I have 4 amazing uncles and 4 beautiful Aunties who are so fun and talented

2) I live with my best friend Millie!

3) I'm 16 and I'm old enough to drive!

4) I'm a model and dancer

5) I get paid to do the things I love!!

Any way I'm Ariel I'm 16 years old with bright blonde hair and blue eyes [picture]. Lets say I'm quite skinny but not Taylor swift skinny more Perrie Edwards skinny. My mum and dad named me Ariel after the disney princess.



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