My life as Ariel

Ariel's life isn't perfect from hate on social media to heart breaking news about her Mum but Ariel knows that she will always have the support from her Parents and Best friend Millie [Niall Horan fanfiction]


15. I'm not prepared to loose her.

Millies POV://

I can't believe this is happening, first my mum now Sarah! Sarah is the only other woman I can call mum and after everything I'm not prepared to loose her. All my life I have blamed myself for my mums death and I'm still not 100% sure that it wasn't my fault. Sarah is the only person in my life that knew my mum as well as she did it's almost like she is my mum because they are so alike from what i've been told. Sarah is the only other person in this entire world who i can call mum and not feel guilty.

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