My life as Ariel

Ariel's life isn't perfect from hate on social media to heart breaking news about her Mum but Ariel knows that she will always have the support from her Parents and Best friend Millie [Niall Horan fanfiction]


9. everythings going to be alright.

I walked downstairs and left Millie to get ready. [outfit in picture]

"everything ok?" asked my dad with his phone in his hand.

"did you see?" I asked, my dad nodded before pulling me into and hug and sighing.

"she knows we love her though and that all that matters" I said, with a nod in response from my parents.

"what you looking for?" asked my Mum.

"for a pancake that A) isn't burnt. B) fallen on the floor. C) under cooked. D) half eaten by Dad. so I pretty much can't have any" I said earning a giggle from Mum but receiving a scowl from my Dad but that was before he couldn't take it anymore and let out a laugh.

"ha I knew you couldn't be mad a me for even a minute" I said in between breaths.

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