My life as Ariel

Ariel's life isn't perfect from hate on social media to heart breaking news about her Mum but Ariel knows that she will always have the support from her Parents and Best friend Millie [Niall Horan fanfiction]


6. best friends since bumps

Me and Millie have known of each others existence since we were in our mummy's tummies. Our Mums were best friends since preschool (age of 2!) so it was obvious Millie and I were going to be close no matter what age! It was just a coincidence that they both got pregnant around the same time. Any way I was born first so a few day after I was born just as we were about to leave my mum got a phone call to say that Millie had been born but that Madison (Millie's Mum) was really ill! two days after we got another phone call to say that sadly Madison had passed away and that before she passed she asked that if it was ok with my parents that they wouldn't mind being the parents of Millie. If your wondering where her dad was he was in jail for murder and well trying to kill a police man who was trying to arrest him for the murder but if I'm honest this wasn't the first time he had been arrested (hence why Madison's family wont talk to her). After Darren's first attempt of murder and got arrested Madison still stayed with him and that's why her family were so annoyed with her so they stopped talking to Madison and wanted nothing to do with Millie but anyway that's their loss because Millie's the best!!!

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