The Old House on Covenant Street

One Halloween, five students become paranormal investigators as they head into one of the most haunted houses in Britain. However, what they find there... well, it's not exactly what they expect.


1. Phase One - Prologue

“I am a chemist.” Dan said, straightening his glasses primly, staring intently at his notepad and not at Ryan. “I work with chemicals, and explosions, and... and conical flasks. Not ghosts.”

Ryan sighed, and stared down at the pad Dan was fixated on. He could’t understand a word of it; it was all equations and symbols, and Ryan had never been the science type.

“Look, mate, do us a favour. We need to look at, I don’t know, ectoplasm and stuff.” He said, exasperated. Dan always needed convincing about things like this. No, actually, he needed convincing about anything that wasn’t one hundred percent science-related. Science stuff, well, he jumped on that shit like it was going out of fashion.

“Ectoplasm doesn’t exist. Ghosts don’t exist. This is a waste of time.” Dan said, squinting at the paper, pausing, then rubbing out a single number.

“Yeah, but what if they do exist? We could be the ones to discover them. You’d be hailed as, like, a hero of science or something. They’d probably give you a Nobel Prize.” Ryan knew he was doing this very heavy-handedly. Anyone other than Dan would realise what he was doing. Luckily, this was Dan he was talking to.

Dan hummed, and looked up at Ryan for the first time. Success. Dan never looked at people he was planning on turning down. “Say I did come with you,” Dan started cautiously, putting down his pencil. “Who else would be coming?”

“Uh,” Ryan said, trying to remember. “Me, Cindy, Sonam, Matt, and, uh…” He counted his friends off on is fingers. “Oh, yeah. And Ellie.” It was the perfect paranormal investigations team, as far as Ryan was concerned. If they couldn’t find a ghost, then there were simply no ghosts to be found.

“Ellie?” Dan raised an eyebrow. “Ellie Spit’? Why her?”

“First of all, I’m friends with her. We sit next to each other in pretty much every lecture, I thought you knew that. Second, she’s seen ‘The Exorcist’ about a million times.”

Dan flipped his notebook shut. “I thought we were looking for ghosts, not demons.” He said sceptically.

“We’ll take what we can get.” Ryan shrugged. “Does this mean you’re coming?”
“Fine.” Dan pushed his glasses up his nose and started to file his things into his bag. “When is it?”

“Tomorrow night. I’ll text you the address.” Ryan said, grinning as he started to leave. “Thanks, by the way. This is great. You’re the best.”

“Tomorrow?” Dan frowned. “Isn’t that Halloween?”

Ryan turned back to Dan, a glint in his eye. “Exactly, mate. What better night to go ghost hunting?”

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