The Old House on Covenant Street

One Halloween, five students become paranormal investigators as they head into one of the most haunted houses in Britain. However, what they find there... well, it's not exactly what they expect.


11. Phase Eleven - Epilogue

“Sorry, man.” Ellie was shaking her head, hair all out of place. She looked ridiculously pretty in the morning sunlight, just like this. She’d probably look prettier is this wasn’t the buttcrack of dawn.

“I just can’t believe I fell asleep! On my own ghost hunt, as well.” Ryan scratched the back of his head. It hurt - there was probably a bruised coming up, or a lump at least. The others had told him he’d fallen off the sofa and hit it. Ryan genuinely wasn’t surprised he hadn’t woken up. He was known to sleep like the dead.

“Still, it was an interesting night.” Dan said, simply, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Though ultimately pointless. We didn’t find any ghosts.”

“Didn’t the EMF go wild though? I definitely remember it going crazy after you two left me alone.” Ryan nodded at Ellie and Sonam.

They glanced at each other. If he didn’t know better, he might have called that look nervousness.

“Are you sure that wasn’t a dream?” Sonam said. Her voice had a weird edge to it.

Ryan shrugged. “I guess it could have been.”

“You may not agree, but I would like to not remember last night. I would like to forget.” Matt said, stumbling over his words like usual. “Some things are better when they are forgotten.”

Ryan wasn’t sure what to think. He couldn’t shake the feeling of being cold, and it was like he could feel his skin crawling, he’d felt it ever since he woke up. He was tired, as if he’d been up all night, not asleep, and he ached. God, did he ache.

And there were moments - just moments - when he didn’t feel like he was in control of his own body any more.

Well, said a voice at the back of his mind, a voice that didn't sound like his own, I think I can work with that.

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