The Deal (Contest Entry)

Rex Thorson makes a deal with an ancient evil that comes with deadly consequences.


1. Prologue

Prologue: The Sealing

It was 1896 when it happened. People were dying of something that could do inhuman things and even kill someone when they're dead asleep. No one could stop it. Not even the highest ranks of the Holy. Priests tried to seal the evil, but all attempts failed. All of the innocent knew the end was near as they all died. All that they could do was wait to die. The evil was approaching in the final hours of the lives of the innocent and the Holy both.

The evil arrives and prepares the final blow, to the entire town by saying one sentence of unknown boundaries of evil. "All those who have sinned me shall die last of very gruesome deaths." All of the innocent wondered what the sentence meant, mostly the part where it said all those who have sinned me. The people who had sinned it must've been a human before, and not evil. One person of the innocent calls out "Who has sinned you"? The evil replies "All those of the Warren General Society."

The person remembers something of the Warren General Society, and that it was home to the most ungrateful kids in the 1820's. She was part of it once, and she remembers one person who she traumatized for life. At that moment, she knew that it was that person, and as she goes to say the name, the evil takes off its hood to reveal its face. The name of the person is Ronald Woswik, only he wasn't old and not even aged. He looked exactly like he did in 1820's, young with brown hair, rows of adult teeth. He looked 16 years old, the age before he disappeared from the world.

He has an evil grin on his face, with red eyes, dark lines under his eyes, and sharp jagged teeth. He prepares his final blow, and right before he lets his final blow go, he says "THIS IS FOR RUINING MY LIFE! ROT IN HELL YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS!" The final blow is released and it completely evaporates the entire town. All are dead now, and Ronald has had his revenge. He returns to his old house, where he awaits his death.

He sits, then there's a knock at the door. He stands up and rushes to the door to answer it but is stopped by a great shield that is beyond Holy. He backs away from the door thinking he is safe, until the door's lock is broke, and the door is forced open. An army of priests enter the house chanting the words of the Holy. They say things that force Ronald back into a corner of the house, and is stuck there. One of the priests open a cuts a small door in the middle of the house with a knife of sealing power.

The priest opens the door, and quickly tells the other priests to draw Ronald to the entrance. The priests draw Ronald from the corner to the entrance, and quickly drop him down into the entrance. The priest shuts the door, then carves a sealing mark with the knife he cut the door with. The priests leave the house, and on the outside they cheer in happiness that the evil is ridden of the world forever. That's what they think, until now...

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