Twist my Mind

This for the Trick or Treat writing competition.

Be ready, I'm unleashing my disturbing, depressing and generally creepy side on this one.


1. Twist my mind

Take my heart,

thrust your fingers through my chest -

let them reach. Rip, pull,

tear aside my weary flesh.

Scratch my decaying ribs,

rotten and weak.

Just a sharp, swift tug,

and they snap. Blood leaks,

as you pierce the arteries,

that keep my lungs captive -

chaining them within me,

so that they cannot rest, active

always, slaves to reflex.

Let them be free, at last

unbound, let them relax,

deflate, give up the air of past

days that took too long.

Toss them aside,

Useless and frail, taking

up space in your unrelenting hands,

they keep digging, though aching

and tired of brutality. Hatred

that once coursed through my veins,

now spilled and taken,

for your deathly gains.

Finally, unobstructed, a clear path

to my heart now drained

of life-giving blood is revealed.

Wrap your pale, blood-stained

fingers around it and pluck

the tendons 'till they break.

Grip more tightly, grab, clutch,

snatch it from me, still and motionless.

Hold it up to the light, let me see

with my dead, hollow eyes

as you crush it in front of me.


Take my heart.

Crush my heart.

Take my brain.

Twist my mind.




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