Hiya my name is Skylar Payne im 17 yes I'm Liam Paynes sister i was 8 and he was 10 our parents divorced dad took Liam and mum kept me but i heard Liam went to x-factor and now he is 20 now i really miss him. Dad found a new job and Liam is now living with Harry, oNiall,Zayn and Louis! Niall is dating a girl called Bethany she seems really nice xx will they meet one day? Or bump into each other in the mall? Read to find out


2. Moving in with the boys!

-Skylar's POV-


I finished packing and Zayn helped me bring all the boxes down from my bedroom and mums as well , I went back upstairs to get my suitcase and gym back because I'm have to go there today to see my trainer to do some boxing to enter the competition.


we loaded everything and I mean everything into the van and into my boot of car and I got into the drivers seat not all boys came Louis and my brother went inside the van to show directions to the man that's driving the van.


-skip car ride-


We have arrived at my brothers house it was huge , I parked my car in the drive way ,turned off the engine and go out to get all the boxes quickly I said to my brother that arrived "Bro can you show me my room so I can get unpacked quickly and go to the gym". He nodded his head and Zayn helped me carry stuff into my new room and when my brother opened the door I saw the huge room the walls was red + black in the middle the was a batman bed that lights up and walk in closet , there was a door leading to the bathroom there was a jacuzzi yay also shower toilet of course. 


I unpacked everything but my brother said something "Skylar I'm sorry that I left you and your mum I am very sorry but dad took me away". I went over to him and kissed his cheek and hugged him saying "It's ok bro". He smiled and finally I finished unpacking.


I got a shower and changed into my top top and shorts , before I could go I went to the empty room and seen it was a cream colour everything was here tv and mirror also liam put our pictures on the wall of our family , me and mum and dad also liam together , I saw that Zayn and Harry coming upstairs with my mums favourite sofa I showed them where to put it and said "just put it into the corner thank you". 


I wgot my gym back and grabbed an apple also my boxing gloves and my protected for my teeth , I am borrowing Liam's car because than I can go shopping because I got lots of money so I going to buy food. 


I arrived at at the gym and saw my trainer and he said " your on time and heard what happened to your mum you sure your ready for boxing?". I then said "of course I'm ready". So we started practising some kicks and punches.


-12 hours later- 


finally ly I finished my coach then said "keep that up , I will soon sogn you up for competitions that are coming up soon". I nodded said my thank i went to the girls shower and showered got changed i got dressed into something else.


-skip car ride to mall-


i got out off my car and ought some clothes for me EMO clothes of course a jack Willis and everything else black , red and yellow clothes. I was getting hungry so I went to mcdolands ate and drank all my coke. 


I i finished doing the shopping for food for the house so we will never run out, so I went back to my car and started driving back to the boys house. I locked my car after I took the shopping then saw Harry he helped me he kindly unpacked and put it into the fridge. I went upstairs fell asleep in my clothes and I put my phone on charge I'm prayed to my mum that is in heaven. 


I hit hit my heard on the pillow I was out like a light. 



hoped you like this chaper xx Erika-Stulesforever 


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