Hiya my name is Skylar Payne im 17 yes I'm Liam Paynes sister i was 8 and he was 10 our parents divorced dad took Liam and mum kept me but i heard Liam went to x-factor and now he is 20 now i really miss him. Dad found a new job and Liam is now living with Harry, oNiall,Zayn and Louis! Niall is dating a girl called Bethany she seems really nice xx will they meet one day? Or bump into each other in the mall? Read to find out


5. Introduction to the Characters



Skylar Payne : (Liam's Sister) 


Bethany Matthew's : (Niall's Girlfriend)

Niall Horan : 

Harry Styles : 

Zayn Malik : 

Liam Payne : 

Louis Tomlinson : 


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