Hiya my name is Skylar Payne im 17 yes I'm Liam Paynes sister i was 8 and he was 10 our parents divorced dad took Liam and mum kept me but i heard Liam went to x-factor and now he is 20 now i really miss him. Dad found a new job and Liam is now living with Harry, oNiall,Zayn and Louis! Niall is dating a girl called Bethany she seems really nice xx will they meet one day? Or bump into each other in the mall? Read to find out


1. Introduction to Skylar Payne

😎-Skylar's pov-


I woke up to  hear fighting this house was always loud but not anymore but anyway i got up went straight to the shower i didn't have time because my mum has cancer and she is very weak and she on strong pain killer so i was helping her in the garden. Well you thinking what happened to my dad well he divorced my mum when i rwas 8 and Liam was 10 ,i heard thst he joined X-factor in 2010 thats when my mum started having cancer. I got dressed into this : 



I choos this outfit because im not areally girly girl but i don't hate anyone i love my family even if they are not together so today i thought i would go shopping with Bethany my best friend because she is dating Niall and i am so happy for her i wish i could go out with Harry but that maybe not going to happen or maybe Zayn im  not to sure yet who i like at the moment.


I done some breakfast i made my favoruite bacon sandwiches , but for my mum I made my special breakfast its my special recipe so not allowed to say. I went upstairs knocked on my mums bedroom I heard a come in. So I entered the bedroom saw my mum in bed looking pale not again ,I placed the food on the bed, she said "thank you, Are you going somewere with Bethany"? "Yes I am do you need anything don't worry I will get all the shopping for food and for the house OK I'm going to buy you something as well". I said kissed my mum on the cheek I love her so much. I finished doing a french plat in her her , i put her medicine on her bedside table with some water. 


I went downstairs to grab my phone and called Bethany this : (phone conversation- S=Skylar, B=Bethany)


S = Hey bethany would you like to go tothe mall because i needto get my mum something , you knowshe got cancer and she can't do alot can she.

B= Hey yeah i know , your so a good daughter helping her , your my best friend as well,oh btw your on speaker and im with 1D boys. Sorry

S = It's ok see you at the mall ok bring some money ok bye x love u sis

B = love you too x bye


(End of phone conversation) 


sorry where are my manners i will introduce myself. 

Name : Skylar Payne (Liams sister) 

Age : 17 (12 August)

Personaility : Bad ass,caring,lovable,friendly,funny

Hobbies : Skateboarding,Basketball,Football,Singing and Surfing

Favourite animal : pandas and tigers

Favourite colour : White,Red,Blue and Black

Favourite boyband/singer : One Direction,Little Mix, Sleeping with Sirens,Black Veil Brides and 5SOS!


Thats everything about me i will introduce my best friend bethany to you.. 


Hello my name is Bethany Matthews i will intorduce myself 

Name : Bethany Matthews

Age : 19 (1st January 1996)

Personality : funny,bubbly,catring,lovable,out-going

Hobbies : Singing,Netball,Football and many more

Favourite boyband/singer : One Direction,5SOS,The Vamps,Little Mix many more

Favourite colour : Red,Green,Purple and Pink

Favourite animal: dogs,cats,pandas and baby polar bear


-Bethany's pov-


Today i was at the boys house having a sleepover so i woke up from the shouting stairs i heard them shouting is breakfast ready yet to harry ... I went to have a shower done my make up and got dressed into this : 

I thought i would take my skateboarding instead of my car ... So i got everything until i heard my phone ringing it was Skylar  i put on loud speaker and everyone heard that her mum had cancer and Liam looked down we finished the conversation and i said to the boys "If you want you can come with me , just grab your skateboards and we start heading". I heard everyone gstting ready and i saw Liam with a big smile because he is finally going to see his sister that he never seen for ages.


we headed for the door and we locked everything up and finally we are on our way for the mall. -skip skateboarding to mall ,arrived-

I saw Skaylar i know its her because of her purple hair mixed with blue , i gave my skateboard to niall and ran and hugged her and she spin me round we was laughing our heads off , she said "i feel like we havent seen each other for ages". " i know , um you bought liam omg this is going to awkward between us". She said.


-Skylar's pov- 


Oh god she bought Liam my brother i havent seen for ages so i done all the shopping for food to the house , i got my mum s necklace the first letter of my name she when she dies she can have it to remember me, she is alrwadfy loosing her hair but i will put all my strength to make the best day ever i might take her on a picnic for the last time and go on the london eye my mum is like a best friend to me, mother loving her so much makes me happy i dont know what im going to do Without my mum then i would have to live with liam , we were outside and i put my shopping in thecar , i hugged Liam i said "I missed you bro , as you heard our mum has cancer she is loosing her hair if you like guys you can come if you want". liam got his skateboard and everyone did the same and wewas driving to my mums house. -skip car ride- 


We have arrived to my house i put all the shopping away and my clothes i got the necklace out and was ready to give her , i went upstairs and told the boys to wait downstairs and bethany as well.. I went upstairs and knocked on my mums bedroom and i heard a come in and saw her smiling i said"mum done all shopping and got you something". I show my mum the necklace my mum is called Riley Payne, she was so happy what she saw i put it on , i said " mum there someone downstairs to see you ,i help you get dressed and do a bit of make up ok". She nodded and i helped her get dressed and done her make up i done her hair again in a pony tail,i helped her downstairs she was shocked eho she saw and Liam came over and huggedmy mum it brought me tears to my eyes i hugged Harry and he hugged me back.... My mum said to Liam " Liam son when i die ....please move all   my stuff to your house ok and have the money from this house .... Give the money to Skylar ok and please please look after her i will be watching over you and skylar". I started crying more andwent to hug mum and Liam group hug and ws three started crying.



something then happened my mum fainted and i started shaking an shouting " MUM WAKE UP PLEASE I CANT LOOSE YOU NOW NOT YET ,MUM PLEASE". harry came and took me away and i punched his cbest and we were akready in my car going to the hospital .... We have arrived and i carried mum in im quiet strong and i said "i need a doctor my mum fainted and she has cancer". She typed it into the computer and i started crying and the doctors came with a bed and i put my mum on it and holded her handand never let go they went to the operating room or somewere to rescure her .. We waited for a doctor to come.


-10 hours later- 


Finally a doctor came k stood up and asked "Is everything alright with my mum". He looked with a sad face oh no this cant be good news the doctor sajd "sorry to say the bad news your mum passed away we couldn't do anything sorry you may see her.


i started running to the room  i saw my mum there lifeless , i hugged her and said everything i needed to and ran outside , i saw my ex best friends they saw me crying and they were laughing and saying " awe look we have emo girl crying becuase of her fucking mum". I grew madder i startted punch the person i said non stop , my other ex friend took me away but i punched them as well i shouted "MY MUM PASSED AWAY BECAUSE OF CANCER SO GO AND FUCK YOURSELF OK THATS GOOD I KNOW SELF DEFENCE U BITCHES AND BASTARDS".

all ths boys were outside and were gob smacked i saw my knuckles they were all bloody oh well i started running to liam and hugged him ....we started driving home to pack up evertything. 


-11 hours later-


we packed everything and we started driving to the boys house and it was massive , well new life head now.






Hope you liked this chapter sorry for lots of writing .... Pleaseread fireproof my new book. 


love Erika-Stylesforever hope you like this book 


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