Hiya my name is Skylar Payne im 17 yes I'm Liam Paynes sister i was 8 and he was 10 our parents divorced dad took Liam and mum kept me but i heard Liam went to x-factor and now he is 20 now i really miss him. Dad found a new job and Liam is now living with Harry, oNiall,Zayn and Louis! Niall is dating a girl called Bethany she seems really nice xx will they meet one day? Or bump into each other in the mall? Read to find out


3. Hanging out with the boys!

-Liam's pov-


I  woke up and thought today I  could plan something to mske my sister happy asaid  because lately she is mmissing our mum too much, so i brushed my teeth and i put on my bastman tshirt and black ripped skinny jeans and my black converse i went downstairs and saw that all the  boys awake and I said "guys I want my sister happy so I thought I would plan us going bowling and then come home , get lots of junk food also Nandos Niall , then have a sleepover in the cinema room but first get into our pyjamas brofore going inside the cinema room". They nodded and I was so happy they have agreed to make my sister happy I think Zayn would love to go out with her so I let Skylar choose.


I rang up the bowling shop and booked till 1 to 6 pm in the asfternoon then we go all day to ourself lots of fun and sleep i think Skylar going to love her day today.


-Skylar's pov-


I was awake already i couldn't sleep all night because i was thinking of my mum to much my mum would of liked me to move on but i have to one day i need to enjoy my life , so i got dressed into this : 

I love this outfit i know i would never dress like that put i felt like it today , so i went downstairs and saw all the boys looked happy and everyone started grtting everything ready and all the boys went to the cinema room but my brother stopped me for a second i think to tell me something so i said "yes bro you wanted me from thid morning?". He nodded and he said " well i planned today to make you happybecuase as you know mum passed away so i thought we could go bowling then come home get into our pyjamas and then go to the cinema room everything is ready for us when we come back and we just need to pick a game to play and then there is cotton candy machine and drink machine anything you could imagine". After he said that i hugged him because he was the best brkther ever can't believe he would do that for. I think i love Zayn but not as much k love my big brother Liam , finally tomorroe Bethany is coming for a sleepover i can't wait.


-skip car ride and inside the bowling shop-


When we got inside i really didnt want to see my ex boyfriend luke there because be was quiet nasty when he heard my mum had cancer and he thought he would catch it  but you can't  catch it. So i ignored him got my shoes on also we started playing the ganes my name was emogirl love that name ,  i done three strikes i was winning so far  but then Zayn  beat me to it after we finished at doing playing games at the bowling shop , i got my shoes on thank god that my ex boyfriend didn't see me because then there would of been a fight would go on. 


We headed going home and i got into my pyjamas that looked like this : 

I have finished putting on my pyjama gotten my make up off ,i tied my hair into a pony tail , I went back downstairs and into tbe cinema i saw all the boys in the pyjamas me and liam nearly got the same pyjamas , Louis then spoke up saying "Liam and Skylar have the same pyjamas BATMAN ,oh Skylar didnt know you liked Batman". "of course i love batman he js my hero and super villian". I said while giggling and  i went to make so

me cotton candy , i made for harry and zayn so i finished making them and gave to them and they said there thank yous and we started having a really fun day. I had a suger rush and just fainted...... 





Hope you liked this chapter i


I tried my hardest not to but ands in so much but I'm from Italy I was born there so not very good and putting different words in so thank you for commenting and I will do another chapter ......


Competition for co-author , comment why you want to my co-author and what do you like about my book .... Thank you and the winner is drawn on Thursday the  28th October at 4:00 pm UK time x         Peace out my little marshmallows 








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