Hiya my name is Skylar Payne im 17 yes I'm Liam Paynes sister i was 8 and he was 10 our parents divorced dad took Liam and mum kept me but i heard Liam went to x-factor and now he is 20 now i really miss him. Dad found a new job and Liam is now living with Harry, oNiall,Zayn and Louis! Niall is dating a girl called Bethany she seems really nice xx will they meet one day? Or bump into each other in the mall? Read to find out


6. Boxing Competition! :)

-Skylar's pov-


I woke feeling like I haven't slept for ages .... I went downstairs in my pyjamas I don't really care what my brother says to me. I opened the fridge and see that all the food and drink are gone so I shouted "NIALL GET YOUR FAT AS OVER HERE." All the boys came running down the stairs Liam was very shocked for what I said to Niall and Liam asked me "Why did you shout for Niall sis its like 8 in the morning". "Well bro look inside the fridge ,we wont have anything for breakfast because Niall over here ate everything at midnight yesterday because I stayed up because I couldn't sleep". All the boys went to the fridge and closed the door ... they all looked at Niall and Niall ran to his bedroom I was laughing my head off. I saw Zayn and rushed upstairs so I can get ready for the gym. I took a quick shower, dried my hair put it into a pony tail. shorts and a crop top I was ready to go. I forgotten to my trainers on so I put them on.


I ran downstairs and they were confused I spoke "Today I got a competition for boxing so I need to go now if you wanna come , then get ready now go". They all ran upstairs and after 30 minutes .... we got into my car Liam wanted to drive it so I got into the passenger sit and we started heading to the gym. I wish I could just sleep all day and do nothing I am pretty tired but if I am going to do t he competition for boxing then I would have to wake up at 6 am in the morning I really couldn't be bothered but I'm only  doing this cuz when my mum was young she was a mini me at boxing so when I grew up to now I took over her Job.


We have arrived the competition I saw my trainer and I went up too him "Hello sorry I'm 2 minutes late, I go and change and warm up a bit ok". "Ok and your not late your just in time go and get ready". He said to me, I got changed and I put my make up light not to heavy to show all the people that emo can fight and they are not dumb. So I put my hair in a pony tail. Liam my brother helped me put my boxing gloves on but first he put some powder on so they won't sweat or rub with the gloves on , bandaged it up and then out my boxing gloves on. I drank some water and spat it out in the bucket, I put on my protection for my mouth and did few things and punches for the last 5minutes , then I heard a cough behind my back I saw my trainer he looked happy and he spoke up and said "I was standing here all this time and you didn't see me , well your going to do great but this on and we are ready to head to the boxing ring , you can hug your brother and the others". I ran to them and hugged Liam first the Niall, then Louis and Harry then lastly Zayn they all wished me good luck I nodded my head and I started walking to the ring.


Everyone was cheering my name on the my side but the other side that supported the other boxer booed me but I couldn't care less about what they think of me a girl can box. I got into the ring I took of the coat and the coach whispered "Aim always for the stomach , when you can see him aiming for your nose block him and then do under arm punch in stomach then you continue from there ok good luck hun". I cracked my neck and I was ready I heard the bell I started fighting and it was really tough I already got a black eye so I grew very angry so  I started punching kicking what I been doing at training all these years. Then the bell rang I won but this was the finish it was1 hour break we had. I got out the ring and took out my protection out of my mouth. Liam ran and he said "Are you ok? , you need to stop this". "Bro I be fine its only a black eye im used to it also I won yay". They hugged me again and there was 4 more rounds to go this was on the second one. I went back I saw my ex-boyfriend with the bimbo blonde and fake like a Barbie doll and he was smirking at me , I'm going to show him what I am really mad off.


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