Friend or Foe

For the Throne Of Glass competition- August is an assassin, who's sister in in chains. She'll do anything to save her sister, even murder. But then things get complicated when a boy she meets steals more than her assassination, but her heart as well.


11. Poisoned shadows

I moved from that room to the next one, and as I did, a chorus of bells erupted from behind me, Alarm bells. They'd found the trail of bodies I'd left. I headed into the heart of the enemy stronghold, knowing that Sanster would be in his inner office. It was an office on the smaller second floor of the warehouse, it loomed over the open area at the front of the warehouse so the bandit could watch over his slaves who worked on is production of weapons below. It was made of mostly glass windows, which was dangerous but Sanster was a cocky man. I found a set of back stairs behind the maze of rooms, and figured that this was the entrance. Sticking to the shadows, I ran up the stairs as someone gave a cry behind me. A man with a long sword stood at the bottom of the stairs. Before he could run towards or away from me, my poison dagger shot through the air hitting his chest. He stood for a moment, before falling to the floor as a set of violent coughs. I looked around, cursing. He would draw too much attention to us. Luckily, most people seemed to be rushing towards the front of the warehouse, think the intruder was still there. If only.

I grabbed the man by the arms and dragged him up the stairs, grunting with the effort. I pushed the door and it clicked open. I sprang into the room, Amicus and Homstem in my hands. But the office was empty. I cursed, putting my swords away and dragging the man further inside. The light was on and papers were scattered across the desk like someone had left in a hurry. I kept low, knowing that everyone could see me if I moved beyond the desk's and tables. I left the man behind the desk and crouched down, thinking. I took his pulse, his heart rate was speeding up. I ducked back as he raised his hand, trying to swat away hallucinations that the poison brought. Foam trickled from his mouth and he started a fit of seizures as the man succumbed to the poison. I grimaced, hoping the process would hurry up. Then the man gave a feeble groan before his eyes rolled backwards and he stopped breathing, he was dead. 

I pulled my dagger from his chest and cleaned it on my sleeve, it was poison less now, the supply being used up. I was about to get up and start searching for Sanster somewhere else, when I heard voices below me. I shuffled to the window and carefully peered out from behind a crate of coal for the office fire. Below me, a group of men strode into the open warehouse below. One man had a red bandana around his long, dirty hair. I recognized him instantly, the bandit king.

"The little girl is gone?"  He asked, frowning, his four guards tailing him.

"Yes, sir." One guard said as the four men fanned out into a defensive square around Sanster.

I gripped my swords and listened in, "Its August it has to be." Sanster growled. 

I could throw my dagger and hope it would hit him in the head or heart, but I was out of poison just like I was out of options. I could jump down now and kill Lucas Sanster, but I had no way of making it out alive and I needed to come out alive for Willows sake. I considered walking away, running back to my sister. But this man had ruined my life for the past few months, he'd tortured my sister, made me do pointless missions for him to try and save her and he never kept his word about letting her go. I was being controlled, and I hated being controlled. But like the dog and the owner, if the owner doesn't treat the dog well, the dog might bite. And this was my version of a bite.

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